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Electricians: Have you got a loose connection?

by User Not Found | Mar 31, 2017

It's not uncommon knowledge that loose connections can cause overheating and even start a fire, says David Holloway, Product Manager at Europa Components, speaking to Professional Electrician & Installer.

Whilst the old way of tightening terminals by hand required experience, the new way of using power tools often results in over-tightening, he says, so the best way to apply the correct torque value is by using a calibrated torque driver.

"Small torque drivers are similar to screwdrivers with interchangeable bits and the latest designs are much more compact and slimmer than ever before....Larger torque values are applied with a torque wrench that you might recognise if you’ve carried out any vehicle maintenance before.

All torque drivers must be calibrated at regular intervals, but this is dependent on how often the torque driver is used, so it’s best to get some guidance from the manufacturer regarding the frequency of calibration."

You can read the full article at Professional Electrician & Installer by clicking here.

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