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Taylor Review Threatens Cash-In-Hand Tradesmen

by Rhino Trade Insurance | Jul 11, 2017

In a bid to change cash-in-hand working, there has been a review into how people pay. Rhino Trade Insurance also covers tax advice.

Matthew Taylor was appointed by Theresa May to conduct a review into modern working practices, particularly the 'gig economy'. The report is due to be published later today, but the BBC who have been given pre-access, report that the review suggests ending the cash-in-hand economy, which will particularly threaten tradesmen.

"Last year, tax dodging by people in the "hidden economy" cost the government £4.4bn, according to HMRC figures", the BBC continues. The Matthew Taylor report will set out recommendations, including tackling cash-in-hand work by suggesting the use of contactless payments and PayPal services. 

Both David Gauke and Ed Balls have been previously criticised for targeting the cash-in-hand working practice with Gauke saying that paying tradesmen in cash was "morally wrong".

Taylor Review Threatening Tradesmen

Whilst the report may threaten tradesmen working cash-in-hand, the report will also suggest a number of changes to try and improve workers' rights. With high profile cases such as Uber shedding light on the use of flexible working to negate employment benefits, the report will look to a new type of "dependent contractor" in order to ensure those working for a long time with the same company, will be given the relevant benefits of employment.

The report will also look to ensure that everyone, including the self-employed receive a minimum wage for their services.


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