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Tradespeople Are Healthiest Workers Despite The Notorious Bacon Butty

by User Not Found | Jul 19, 2017

Research by Ironmongery Direct found that tradesmen are more active than fitness instructors and eat less sugary snacks than office workers, awarding them the title of healthiest workers in the UK.

IronmongeryDirect's MD, Wayne Lysaght-Mason, said: “Incorporating elements of a healthy lifestyle into your working day is essential. A balanced diet, regular breaks, fresh air, and moderate exercise are important.

“Those with active jobs, such as individuals working in the trade industry, should ensure they are consuming the correct number of calories to avoid running out of fuel during busy or strenuous days. However, those with lower activity levels should also be conscious of what they eat, being aware that they are burning less energy.”

After a survey of 2,014 UK adults, tradesmen were found to burn more calories throughout their working day (up to 2,500) than any other profession, due to being active for up to 7 hours a day, likely working off all of those bacon butties and mid morning snacks that tradesmen are famed for.

Accident prone tradesmen

Whilst tradesmen are the most active profession, research from IronMongeryDirect also found that 1 in 5 tradespeople have had an accident at work, with 70% ending up in A&E. Despite being accident prone, a third of tradesmen don't have any tradesman insurance.

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