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Troy Stevens 10 August 2020

We Brits absolutely love it when the sun comes out. Honestly maybe except for the World Cup and a bank holiday, nothing gets us all revved up like the sun having its hat on and coming out to play.

If you’re planning on spilling into beer gardens this week, or falling asleep in a deck chair on your front lawn then good luck to you; but spare a thought for those that have to work in these hot temperatures.

For you tradesmen that work hard whatever the weather, we’ve put together five top tips to help you work when it’s a bobby sizzler outside.



Now if you’re anything like me, all you have to do is imagine a hot loft on a sunny day and you are dripping with sweat. If you’re working indoors then sometimes the heat can be unbearable, especially when ventilation is scarce. I know it’s an obvious one but make sure you are drinking enough water. You lose up to three litres of water per hour from sweating (it’s true, I Googled it and everything) so make sure you are overcompensating by swigging as much of the stuff as possible.

hot weather



If you’re working indoors then make sure you have a fan of some description with you in the hot weather. Even if it’s a hand fan or a USB fan you can have next to you when you’re working, having a constant flow of cool air makes a massive difference to the air temperature. Also, even if you have just one fan with you, you’ll still have more fans than Man City usually get in their stadium…



It doesn’t matter if you’re working outside or inside, make sure you are dressing appropriately for the hot weather. If you are working on site then choose shorts over trousers and if you can work shirtless, then knock yourself out (not literally of course). Light weight clothing is imperative in keeping cool and not overheating, and for those of you working in people’s homes (where going shirtless probably isn’t appropriate) you must make sure you are comfortable in the heat.



What is it they say again? Only mad dogs and Englishmen would stay out in hot weather? Again, this seems like an obvious one, but anyone working in the great outdoors needs to remember to stay in the shade as much as possible. As much as you want that base tan before the long winter comes, it’s important to stay out of the sun as much as possible. If I learned anything from my holiday to Magalluf back in 2015, its that sun stroke is no laughing matter (although it was to all my friends..).


Overheating is a common occurrence to those working hard in the hot weather. I know that you’re probably keen to get the job done and hit the beer garden, but always remember to take a break when working in the heat (and no I don’t mean have a Kit Kat). Keeping cool, hydrated and comfortable is essential, but making sure you have fresh air in your lungs and are not overexerting yourself is key in staying safe.

Feel free to let us know how you're adapting to working in the hot weather over on our Facebook page, and for any questions about insurance and staying safe, let the Rhino team know.

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