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Plumbers Insurance is the term used to describe the insurance cover that all plumbers need to keep themselves protected while on the job.

Plumbers Insurance from Rhino is tailored to each individual plumbing business. The core cover all plumber’s need is Public Liability Insurance. Then, you can build your package to suit the specific needs of your business to include other valuable policies such as Tool Insurance, Professional Indemnity Insurance, Income Protection Insurance and more. 

Some policies within your Plumbers Insurance will be legal requirements, some policies may be conditions of your customer contracts, and some policies may be purely for peace of mind so that if something happens, you won’t be left out of pocket.

It’s all about what your business needs. Work in a high-crime area with expensive kit? Add on our amazing Tools in Transit Insurance and our Van Insurance. Worried that advice you give in a professional capacity will come back to bite you? Our Professional Indemnity Insurance will have you covered. Regularly work on large projects and want to insure the entire contract works? Our Contractors All Risks Insurance has your back. Whatever your business needs – Rhino has a policy for that.

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At Rhino, we understand the risks and problems faced by a plumber on the job. That’s why our insurance works for you. We’ve made getting insurance for plumbers from Rhino so easy, straightforward and quick. We know your time is valuable, so we won’t make you wait on hold for ages or bamboozle you with lengthy documents. We are proud to offer policies you can take out on your lunch break from your smartphone.

Your insurance documents will be delivered straight to your inbox, and that’s it – immediate cover in time for your afternoon’s work. Rhino offers a 14-day cooling-off period, so even if you do change your mind, you can cancel without fees within 14 days.

With Rhino Trade Insurance, sorting your Plumbers Insurance is easy. You don’t need to wonder which policies you need, as we have them all in one place for you to choose from. You don’t need to worry about being sold packages of insurance that aren’t relevant to you. Instead of selling one-size-fits-all packages like other insurance companies, Rhino lets you build a bespoke package with only the insurance policies you need – and none that you don’t – all in one place. 

Rhino Trade Insurance are trade insurance experts. We’ve won multiple awards for what we do, and our unique customer experience is industry-leading. Rhino is proud to partner with real tradesmen and women around the UK who help us promote, design and shape our insurance products and services.

Finally, tens of thousands of happy customers can’t be wrong! Check out our five-star reviews.

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How does Public Liability Insurance for plumbers work?

Public Liability Insurance is known as the ‘bread-and-butter’ policy for tradespeople. It’s so important to have in place before you so much as pick up a tool, because it covers you financially in case of accidents, injuries or property damage caused by you while working.

No matter how careful you are, there’s plenty of scope for accidents and damage in the plumbing game. Whether it’s the tools you use, the equipment that might be left lying around, or even where you park your work van outside a customer’s home or premises – you never know when something can go wrong.

If a third party (such as a customer or member of the public) gets injured or has their property damaged by you as you work, you’ll be on the hook for the costs associated. This can include court fees, damages, compensation, private medical expenses and more. Unsurprisingly, this can add up to some serious sums. Luckily, Rhino can cover you for up to £5M.

Many customers, especially professional bodies, won’t hire a plumber unless they have good Plumbers Public Liability Insurance in place.

Remember, with Rhino you can take out your Public Liability cover alongside a range of add-on policies, including: 


What about insuring my plumbers’ tools and equipment?

As a plumber, you’ll most likely have a large collection of tools and equipment you’ve built up over many years. These tools getting stolen, lost or damaged would spell disaster for your business and would likely leave you without income for a week or more while you set about trying to replace them.

Rhino offer a Tools in Transit policy, which gives plumbers everywhere priceless peace of mind. With this cover, you can get your tools repaired or replaced in no time without having to spend a penny of your own money. Rhino’s policy will insure your plumber’s tools and equipment up to £7,500.


What insurance do I need if I'm a plumbing sub-contractor?

If you’re a subcontractor, you may be covered by the Public Liability Insurance policy of the contractor you’re working for. It’s a bit of a grey area sometimes, so be sure to double-check in case you’re not sure. 

Any good contractor will tell you if you need your own policy before you start working for them. A rule of thumb is that if you’re working independently (so not always under the direct supervision of a contractor) and use your own tools, then you’re going to need your own Public Liability Insurance policy.

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If you are a self-employed plumber, it is recommended that you are covered by, at the very least, Public Liability Insurance. 

Not only is Public Liability Insurance usually a condition of a contract, but it could potentially save your business in case you’re hit with a costly claim. Whilst your work may be of the highest standard, accidents do happen. For instance, a common claim against plumbers includes water damage to a customer’s property. A customer can easily claim compensation from you if you have carried out work in their property, which has led to this kind of damage. Associated costs and expenses, as well as the cost of the damage, can also be included in the claim against you.

Without the right cover, you could encounter serious financial difficulties following just one such claim. However, with public liability cover as part of your insurance for plumbers, you will have help towards the cost of any compensation and legal costs which arise as a result of a claim made by a customer.

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Not sure if Plumbers Insurance from Rhino will cover your specific line of work? Take a look at the trades we cover below:

  • Plumbing and Heating
  • Gas Fitters
  • Drain Cleaners
  • Bathroom Installers
  • Kitchen Installers & Fitters
  • Fireplace Installation
  • Air Conditioning Engineers
  • Heating & Ventilation Engineers
  • Refrigeration Engineers…

and many more! Remember, Rhino are the trade insurance experts, so whatever weird and wonderful trade you’re in, try us! We’re confident we can find a tailored policy to suit you.

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  • Low-cost tradesman insurance
  • High levels of indemnity at low premiums
  • No fees for paying monthly
  • Tailored packages
  • Documents issues instantly
  • UK telephone support

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Plumbers, like other contractors, have a range of tools that they require in order to carry out their jobs.  These tools can be expensive to replace if they are lost, damaged or stolen, so it pays to include ‘tool insurance’ in your list of plumber’s insurance.



HMRC are more likely than ever to investigate or make enquiries into tax returns, especially those of tradespeople.  There does not need to be any wrongdoing in order for them to open an enquiry, so it is wise for plumbers to have a tax enquiry insurance policy in place.  This will cover accountant and solicitor fees associated with defending you and should it come to it, Rhino are able to arrange for specialist representation in court.


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  • Covers you if a customer or member of the public suffers injury or damage to their property as a result of your work
  • Pays out for legal expenses and compensation 
  • Protects your reputation – customers will know you’re prepared to put things right
  • A condition of many contracts, so going without it isn’t an option
  • Covers your tools. Perfect for you if you regularly carry tools in your vehicle
  • Pays out to cover the cost of repair/replacement of your tools
  • Important if you rely on the tools to earn your income
  • Covers you if HMRC enquire into your tax affairs.
  • Pays for accountants’ fees and, where required, professional representation.
  • Important as HMRC can enquire into your affairs as a matter of routine.  No wrong doing is needed for a visit from the taxman.
  • Important if you give advice, plans, designs or guidance in a professional capacity
  • Pays out if a customer claims that you caused them to lose money as a result of your professional advice.
  • A must for self-employed people especially those in the trades
  • Pays a regular sum of up to £2,500 per month to cover your income if you’re unable to work due to sickness or injury
  • Your loved ones get 12 x your monthly maximum benefit in the event of your death, up to a maximum of £30,000.


Rhino Trade Insurance is proud to be the official insurance partner of Plumb App UK. Plumb App supports thousands of Plumbers across the country, offering an extensive suite of information, benefits and discounts off numerous leading trade providers, and a massive community of like-minded members of the plumbing workforce.

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