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Plumber's Insurance

Why choose your plumber insurance from Rhino Trade Insurance?

Buying insurance for plumbers from us is simple, instant and tailored to your needs. We offer competitive rates of insurance to protect you, your business, your tools and/or your clients.

Your insurance documents are issued immediately and you have full policy information in your online account. Also, buy what tradesman insurance you need – there are no packages.

Do you need plumber’s insurance?

If you are a self-employed plumber, it is recommended that you are covered by some form of plumber’s liability insurance. One such insurance is public liability insurance, which will cover you in the case of damage to a customer’s property.

Whilst the standard of your work may be of the highest standard, accidents do happen. For instance, a common claim against plumbers includes water damage to a customer’s property. A customer can claim compensation from you if you have carried out work in their property which has led to this kind of damage. Associated costs and expenses, as well as the cost of the damage can also be included, in the claim against you.

Without the right cover, you could encounter serious financial difficulties for you and your business. However, with public liability cover as part of your insurance for plumbers, you will have help towards the cost of any compensation and legal costs which arises as a result of a claim made by a customer.

Plumber Insurance Cover

  • Plumbing and Heating
  • Gas Fitters
  • Drain Cleaners
  • Bathroom Installers
  • Kitchen Installers & Fitters
  • Fireplace Installation
  • Air Conditioning Engineers
  • Heating & Ventilation Engineers
  • Refrigeration Engineers

Why choose Rhino?

  • Low Cost Tradesman Insurance
  • No Packages
  • UK Telephone Support
  • Why compare? We're the cheapest

What type of plumber's insurance do you need?

plumber pl

Plumber Public Liability Insurance

  • Covers you if your client/public suffers and injury or damage to their property which was your fault.
  • Pays out for legal expenses and compensation owed by your business
  • Important to choose your level of cover
tools insurance

Tools in Transit Insurance

  • Covers your tools. Perfect for you if you regularly carry tools in your vehicles
  • Pays out to cover the cost of repair/replacement
  • Important if you rely on the tools to earn your income
tax enquiry insurance

Tax Enquiry Insurance

  • Covers you if HMRC enquire into your tax affairs.
  • Pays for accountants’ fees and, where required, professional representation.
  • Important as HMRC can enquire into your affairs as a matter of routine.  No wrong doing is needed for a visit from the taxman.

Other Plumbers Insurance Considerations


Can you afford to replace your tools if they are lost or stolen?

Plumbers, like other contractors, have a range of tools that they require in order to carry out their jobs.  These tools can be expensive to replace if they are lost, damaged or stolen, so it pays to include ‘tool insurance’ in your list of plumber’s insurance.


Are you protected against the taxman?

HMRC are better placed than ever to investigate or make enquiries into tax returns, especially those of tradesmen.  There does not need to be any wrong doing in order for them to open an enquiry, so it is wise for plumbers to have a tax enquiry insurance policy in place.  This will cover accountants’ fees, and where required, Rhino are able to arrange for specialist representation.


Why choose your plumber's insurance from Rhino Trade Insurance?

Buying plumber insurance from us is simple, instant and tailored to your needs.  We offer competitive rates for insurance to protect you, your business, your tools and/or your clients.

Your insurance documents are issued immediately, and you have full policy information in your online account.  Also, you have the opportunity to buy the plumber insurance you need without having to purchase a package.  There are no packages.

Preferred Partner of Plumb App UK

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Plumb App UK

Rhino Trade Insurance is proud to be the official insurance partner of Plumb App UK. Plumb App supports thousands of Plumbers across the country, offering an extensive suite of information, benefits and discounts off numerous leading trade providers, and a massive community of like minded members of the plumbing workforce.

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