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Carpenters Insurance



As a carpenter there are many aspects of the work you carry out that can pose a hazard or a danger to you and others around you. We at Rhino understand that the level of skill required to operate as a professional carpenter means that you will be working to a very high standard, but accidents can happen. In these instances, we want to ensure that we are there to protect you and your business should anything go wrong. Carpenters insurance is a sure-fire way of making sure that you are financially covered should the work you carry out result in a claim being made against the business you have worked so hard to grow. In these instances, remember that each claim you incur may result in a costly pay-out. Liability claims can range from £1000 to millions. Take a look below our different insurances for carpenters, and the importance of having the right carpenter’s insurance for your business.


Carpenters Public Liability Insurance

There are many insurances for carpenters available here at Rhino, but the most common form of cover, and the one most useful in the event of a claim, is public liability insurance. Here at Rhino Trade Insurance, we specialise in public liability insurance for tradesmen, and carpenter’s liability insurance is something we offer to thousands of carpenters up and down the UK.

Public liability insurance for carpenters provides assurance that in the event of a liability claim being made against you and your business, you will be covered. The policy itself covers potential injury or death caused to members of the public as a result of the work you carry out, and accidental damage made to third party property. This means that if you were to unwittingly cause an injury or cause the death of say a client or customer, you could be held liable. In this case, your public liability insurance would protect you financially in the event of compensation having to be paid out. An example of a carpenter’s public liability insurance claim would be if your customer trips over your toolbox and breaks their leg. The policy also provides cover in the event that you cause accidental damage to third party property. Say you accidentally cause physical damage to your customers property whilst on a job, the policy would cover you. An example of this would be if you drilled through something you should not have and had to pay out for any damages.


See below a breakdown of Rhino’s carpenters public liability insurance:

  • Covers Public/Product & Pollution Liability.
  • Has an excess of £500 as standard per claim.
  • Offers cover at heights up to 15 metres.
  • Offers cover at depths down to 2 metres.
  • Cover levels of £1m, £2m & £5m available.
  • Starts at £72.80 for £1m cover.
  • Interest free monthly option available.
  • Covers commercial & domestic locations.

Note that an important liability insurance add on is employer’s liability insurance, something that is relevant to any carpentry business with employees. Employers’ liability insurance provides cover against claims made by employees of the policyholder’s business. Carpenters’ employer’s liability insurance is a legal requirement for any business that takes on employees and is easily available to purchase via Rhino’s easy to use insurance shop.

*Please Note* - Any carpenter wishing to purchase insurance from Rhino should choose the trade ‘Carpenter/Joinery’ when picking their main trade.

what is carpenters insurance

What is Carpenters Insurance?

Rhino Trade Insurance offers a multitude of insurance policies that have all been tailored to each trade carried out by the millions of tradespeople working in the UK. Our carpenter’s insurance has been designed with carpenters in mind and offers comprehensive cover at fantastic prices. Cheap carpenters’ insurance is a valuable commodity to any business, and we offer cover at the best prices we have found on the market. Irrespective of which insurance policy you take out, carpenters insurance provides financial assurance that your work is being undertaken compliantly and that you are covered if something goes wrong.

There are many forms of insurance to protect your carpentry business, from public liability insurance, legal expenses cover and tax enquiry insurance, all designed to keep your business covered. There is also insurance for carpenters available that provides cover for the policyholder personally, meaning that if something were to happen that were to affect the individual, the business would not financially suffer. Examples of these insurances would be personal accident insurance, income protection insurance and tools insurance.


why do i need

Why Do I Need Carpenters Insurance?

Having carpenter’s insurance in place may be the reason that you land your next job. It is true that clients and potential customers favour businesses that have up to date insurance documentation over those that do not. Having the right insurance in place for your business shows that you have accepted the financial risk and have the means of paying out in case something goes wrong. Compared to another business, being able to prove that you have done the due diligence in getting sufficient insurance in place for your carpentry business may elevate your company and help you land more work. Insurance also provides peace of mind to its policyholders, meaning that you can work safely in the knowledge that should something go wrong at work, or something happen to negatively affect your business, you have the right protection in place not to financially suffer as a result.

You can purchase insurance very easily here at Rhino. We have a simple online insurance shop where you can get quotes within 30 seconds, and unlike all other insurance providers we have found, we do not ask for your personal information in order to obtain a quote. We also offer instant documentation to customers meaning that you will get your certificates and documentation instantaneously after purchase. We invite any carpenter looking for insurance to get a quote from us here at Rhino Trade Insurance, and we are confident that we will be of benefit to you and your business. We have a 5-star rated service and offer award winning cover to carpenters.


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