Rhino Winter Warmers

26 January 2021
The cold snap well and truly hit this weekend and although watching the fella from next door slip on his drive for the umpteenth time is undeniably enjoyable, there is not much worse than being out in the cold at work.
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Self-Assessment Worries Sorted by Rhino

21 January 2021
Most insurance companies spread their insurance net to cover all market sectors and they don’t necessarily have a connect with Trades People. We started Rhino specifically NOT to be an insurer in every sector and market but to focus and work hard to maintain great service levels with competitive insurance products - only in the Trades Sector.
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Test Tube Butties

15 January 2021
Now I don’t know about you, but whether you’re working on site, in an office, on the tools or in your van; in my opinion, there is no better creation on this Earth than a bacon butty.
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How Lockdown 3 Affects the Trades

05 January 2021
With the latest lockdown measures the most sever since March and following on from an already difficult 12 months, the announcement made by Johnson on Monday night brought a collective sigh of grief from us all.
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Christmas Message 2020

17 December 2020
There's the Queen's Christmas message, where the traditonalists in your family gather around the TV at 3pm. There's also Channel 4's sometimes serious, sometimes humourous Alternative Christmas message delivered by a different presenter each year (Marge Simpson and Danny Dyer previously held the role). Well, this year, we wrote a Christmas poem. So sit back with your mulled wine and enjoy...
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Winter is Coming – And How This May Affect You

16 November 2020
It’s that time of the year again folks, when frost gathers, the wind blows, and the temperature drops. Although this Christmas looks like it’ll be different from any other, you can count on the weather to remain unsurprising.
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Rhino's Friday Viral 14

13 November 2020
I'm bored of lockdown already. You're bored of lockdown already. So spend a few minutes flicking through this post to see the best that the internet has had to offer this week. Enjoy!
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12 Angry Tradesmen

12 November 2020
Now I don’t know about you, but the thought of being chosen to attend Jury Duty seems like an exciting prospect. Knowing that you have been chosen to make a difference in a court case as an independent juror inspires images of court room dramas and detective shows.
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Key Insurances to Consider this Winter

11 November 2020
We speak to thousands of tradespeople here at Rhino Trade Insurance and we’re very often asked, ‘What insurances do I need?’. With winter fast approaching we thought we’d list some key insurances we think you may want to consider.
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Gas Safe Register - Why It's Important

10 November 2020
For anyone working within the Heating sector or involved in Gas Fitting/Heating Engineering, you will all have heard of the Gas Safe Register. But what is a Gas Safe Registered Engineer? And why is it important to be Gas Safe Registered? Let’s take a look.
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Rhino's Friday Viral 13

06 November 2020
With the socials dominated with political memes throughout the week, we've decided to steer clear of anything Trump / Biden related. But back on these shores and with us heading back into lockdown until at least the start of December, we've revisited some of the best social takes on the virus so far.
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Lockdown 2 – Here We Go Again

03 November 2020
If you haven’t already heard from every news station, social media platform, and passer by in the street, cases of Covid-19 are rapidly increasing across the nation. Is it just me or are you getting a feeling of déjà vu?
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Rhino's Friday Viral 12

30 October 2020
It’s your Friday lunch and we’re back with another roundup of the best the internet has had to offer this week. We’ve got a VR headset fail, one of the best golf shots you’re ever likely to see and please don’t underestimate the lengths Brits will go to for a pint. All of that and plenty more with Rhino’s Friday Viral.
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Trade Tool Giveaways – Q&A - Rhino Trade Insurance

29 October 2020
Tradespeople across the country are working hard to maintain their businesses and satisfy customers, all whilst making up for time lost during the CV-19 lockdown. Throughout this period Rhino have noticed numerous providers out there doing their bit to assist tradespeople in getting their businesses back up and running.
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Ch, ch, ch Changes?

26 October 2020
With more and more parts of the country moving into higher tiers of lockdown in the coming weeks and months we ask ourselves, are any more changes afoot? What does this mean for trades people? In short, not a lot. At least not at the moment.
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Rhino's Friday Viral 11

23 October 2020
What’s your favourite jump? Long? Triple? Maybe even the jump start? Or perhaps it’s the fella in this week’s Friday Viral that tries to jump a bonfire on a BMX. Check it out, along with loads of other laughs the internets thrown up this week!
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Rhino's Friday Viral 10

16 October 2020
Winter is fast approaching and it’s usually the time of year where we indulge in a bit too much food and a bit too much booze. Luckily for us, there’s a cheat code to getting that six pack we’ve always wanted. Check it out, along with a ton of other great things the internet has presented us with this week!
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The Rise of the Robot Tradesmen

14 October 2020
It is safe to say that the construction industry isn’t half going through some strange times at the moment. Just when we thought that 2020 could not surprise us anymore, Yorkshire company Construction Automation announce that they are working on the completion of the UK’s first robot-built house. Yes, you heard us correctly, a house built entirely by robots. Honestly, has watching The Matrix taught us nothing?
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Rhino's Friday Viral Volume 9

08 October 2020
Here we go again. The Friday Viral. Delivering you the absolute best that the internet has to offer from the past week. If God was a cat, he'd be the cat featured this week. Does that guy actually eat a bee?! And what about the response to the Fleetwood Mac 'Dreams' skateboarder? Possibly a better response than Frankee was to Eamon...
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Insuring your Business – What’s Important?

06 October 2020
We asked tradesmen to vote on the most important factor when buying business insurance. Read on to find out what came out on top. The people have spoken.
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