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Rhino Workforce

It’s always nice to put a face to the name, but what about one step further and having a caricature? Here are the weird, wonderful, and quite frankly loveable characters that make up the team at Rhino Trade Insurance.

When we aren’t juggling Public Liability Insurance calls or designing our latest and greatest cover options, we are most likely winding each other up about football or pulling the newest recruit's leg with our 'voice-activated' toaster trick - try that one on your apprentice it's a corker!

Cast your eyes over the Rhino workforce below and find out which of us has most in common with a sparky? Who is the smooth operating plasterer? And just who is the office wildcard?


Troy Stevens

Chief Executive Officer

Troy is an experienced Chief Executive with a demonstrated history of growing businesses in the accounting, insurance & finance industry. Troy has been with Rhino Trade Insurance since the beginning, and makes sure Rhino continues to adapt and improve to achieve its aim of revolutionising the insurance market.

Trade most identified with: Foreman - It’s Troy’s job to make sure the business runs successfully, and the service offered by our staff and systems is second to none. He’s got a big mouth too, so that certainly helps!


Steve Wade


Steve has over 20 years of experience working in the insurance industry, during which he has worked for various insurers before settling at the Rhino group. As an insurance man, Steve is very much focused on obtaining the best insurance products at the most competitive prices for our clients.

Trade most identified with: Architect - All jobs need someone like Steve behind the scenes. It’s Steve’s job to make sure all our products and policies are designed & implemented properly and are of the best quality.


Joel Clyne

Marketing Manager

A full, 360, marketer. With an abundance of experience, especially in insurance, Joel helps keep the Rhino brand and the marketing team ticking along. Joel helps with website, design, growth, adverts, copywriting, video and much more.

Trade most identified with: Painter & Decorator - It's Joel's job to give the site and our marketing materials their lovely touches and licks of paint. As he puts it, he makes things look nice and pretty after they're built.


Phil McCormick

Marketing Communications Manager

Experienced in brand marketing and content. Most of that lovely communication you see online will be from Phil. social media, emails, videos, how to make a bacon sarny? You get the gist!

Trade most identified with: Electrician - It’s our Phil’s job to map out all our communications and make sure the signal works! Also, he’s one of the cockiest blighters in the team so electrician fits perfectly!


Josh evers

Marketing and Graphic Design Executive

Josh is responsible for Rhino’s brand and social strategy. He is the man behind our cutting-edge graphics (if we don’t say so ourselves) and helps develop our online presence. You will have no doubt seen his work over the many social media channels we feature on from our top-notch photography to our fantastic ad campaigns.

Trade Identified with: Glazier – Josh is responsible for making sure Rhino’s shop window is in the best shape it can possibly be. He makes sure that Rhino is always at the forefront of technology and innovation, not to mention shiny and new!


Toby Brooks

Customer Service Manager

Toby has worked in telesales and customer service for many years and leads our fantastic team of insurance executives and customer service agents. Despite being one of the busiest men in the building, Toby is always on hand to handle almost all customer queries and policy issues and knows Rhino’s many products and services inside out.

Trade most identified with: Plasterer - Toby is a smooth operator and the master of making sure that any holes are filled, and our customers have no gaps in cover.


Kieran Riddell

Insurance Executive

Kieran is a seasoned customer service and sales exec, with a passion for building relationships and helping others. He's a fantastic sport, and is a die hard Manchester United supporter (but don't let that put you off!). Kieran likes nothing more than speaking to trades people over the phone and does his best to make sure everyone has the right level of cover in place for their businesses.

Trade most identified with: The Apprentice- Kieran is the latest addition to the Rhino team and is a self-proclaimed 'cheeky chappie' who loves a bit of banter!



Insurance Executive

Alex is a very cool customer and ensures that Rhino customers benefit from his authoritative and level-headed approach to his work. Alex works with Rhino’s existing customers daily dealing with queries and solving issues and manages all our customer’s accounts with a smile on his face.

Trade most identified with: Handyman - Honestly there isn’t much that Alex can’t do! Alex can put his hand to almost anything and does all he can to get any client’s problems fixed and their needs sorted. Handy!



Insurance Executive

Patrick ‘Paddy’ is new to customer service and sales but brings a high level of enthusiasm and intelligence to the Rhino team. Patrick is dedicated in providing a first-class service to our customers and ensures you get the insurance you need at the best possible prices.

Trade most identified with: Heating Engineer - Patrick keeps the Rhino office warm and bright with his personality and flare and ensures that all Rhino’s clients are kept comfortable and safe throughout the year.


Robert Hughes

Underwriting Manager

Rob boasts 20 years of experience in the insurance industry consisting of 15 years in general brokering, and 6 years in Underwriting. He’s been on both sides of the desk and holds CII Certification and NVQ insurance qualifications.

Trade most identified with: Builder - It's Rob's job to make sure that our business’ foundations are stable and ensure that our policies are underwritten and delivered correctly. Without Rob building our policies for us, we’d have nothing to offer!


Chelsea Anderson

Underwriting and Compliance Supervisor

Chelsea works closely with our claims and underwriting teams ensuring our compliance and auditing are top notch to make our processes as smooth as they can possibly be. Chelsea is the first to resolve queries and issues that our underwriting team may run into and has vast experience in law and a long history working within legal claims.

Trade most identified with: Site Officer - It's Chelsea's job to ensure that the quality of our underwriting processes and claims are of the highest calibre, and any issues we face are resolved. She's also the Rhino workforce brainbox boasting a degree and masters in Law!


Mark Evans

Insurance Administrator

Mark is an experienced, process driven insurance specialist with a history of working in the general insurance broking industry. Mark assists both the sales, marketing and underwriting teams supporting all insurance needs and requirements.

Trade most identified with: Groundworker - Without the underlying work Mark produces, our underwritten policies would not be delivered with such precision and care.



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