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Rhino provides low-cost, reliable tradesmen insurance to tradespeople up and down the UK. Tradesman insurance is a type of business insurance that covers you against the financial impact of the common hazards and risks you face each and every day in your trade. Rhino’s tradesman Public Liability Insurance is our flagship policy, with thousands of tradespeople benefitting from our fuss-free cover. Public Liability Insurance is needed by every tradesperson in the UK – and we believe that ours is the very best out there.

If you don’t know what it is, it’s time to get clued up. Public Liability Insurance keeps you protected if a customer or a member of the public experiences an accident, injury, illness or damage to their property which was your fault. This must-have policy will pay out for the legal expenses and compensation owed by your business (up to your chosen level of indemnity cover).

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From £1 million through to £5 million we’ve got your business covered.

  • £1M, £2M, and £5M levels of cover available
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Cover almost as cheap as those fancy pale ales those hipster types are all drinking.

  • Option to add Employers’ Liability cover
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What is it?

Public Liability Insurance will protect you financially if a client, member of the public, supplier, visitor or customer suffers an injury, illness, or damage to their property because of your business.

It will also cover you in the worst-case scenario – accidental death which occurs as a result of your business. Public Liability Insurance will cover legal expenses and/or compensation owed by your business. You choose the level of cover – Rhino can accommodate up to a £10 million limit on request. Workplace accidents aren’t rare, and it’s always a possibility that a customer, client or member or the public (not to mention their property) could be harmed by something you do. Holding Rhino’s Public Liability Insurance offers you priceless peace of mind that your business is covered. Our Public Liability Insurance also adds value to your business, proving to potential customers that you are a reliable, safe contractor who can cover the costs if there’s any injuries or property damage while on the job. Here at Rhino Trade Insurance, we offer cover at some of the best rates on the market. Plus, our unique online quote engine can provide accurate quotes in just 30 seconds.

What does it cover?

Rhino’s Public Liability Insurance will insure your business against the cost of a third party bringing legal action against you for injury, death or property damage caused by you during the course of your business.

This could be an individual or corporation – it doesn’t matter who the claimant is, you’re still covered with Rhino. The policy will cover the legal costs and compensation where required, up to the limit of indemnity chosen by you. All of Rhino’s Public Liability Insurance policies cover public/product and pollution liability insurance as standard, and cover height limits of up to 15 metres and depth limits of down to 2 metres. Rest assured that all of Rhino’s Public Liability Insurance policies have been tailor-made for tradesmen at the lowest possible rates. Getting cover for your business with Rhino is easy. You can do it in minutes via our online quote engine, or call our friendly, expert team for a chat.

Who is it for?

Rhino’s Public Liability Insurance is a must for every single self-employed tradesperson in the UK. It’s our most popular policy here at Rhino, and something of a bread-and-butter insurance policy for anyone who works for themselves.

It doesn’t matter what your business structure is, whether you’re a sole trader, director of a limited company, or a bona-fide subcontractor, you have the duty and responsibility to ensure that you are covered in the event of a claim. Nobody wants to foot the bill if someone else gets injured or their property is damaged. Relax – Rhino’s Public Liability Insurance will bear the cost so both you and the other party will be protected from financial burden. Public Liability Insurance is crucial no matter what your trade, so whether you’re a gas engineer, bricklayer, cleaner, gardener, electrician, builder or work in any other trade under the sun, having the right level of cover in place is vital. Don’t let the thought of insuring your business stress you out. Public Liability Insurance is a breeze to get with Rhino. You can purchase your policy over the phone or online, and our helpful team will look after you every step of the way.

HOW MUCH DOES Public Liability Insurance COST?

Public liability insurance should be affordable and reasonably priced, and here at Rhino, we offer some of the best insurance premiums we’ve found on the market. It is calculated depending on the level of risk your business poses and completely depends on several factors that affect risk and price. Commonly, your trade dictates the premium of your liability insurance. Those working in low-risk trades such as cleaning and carpentry will usually pay less for their public liability insurance than someone working on gas or digging up groundworks. Another factor that affects the premium is the number of people you are covering. Chances are the more people you have working on a project, the more likely the event of a claim. Other factors can include your business’ turnover, the level of cover you wish to take out, and in some cases, the locations where you are working. We offer fantastic public liability insurance rates here at Rhino and challenge anyone to find a better quote than with us.


You can also purchase great value Employer’s Liability insurance alongside a Rhino Public Liability Insurance Policy. Employers Liability Insurance covers the policyholder in the event of a liability claim being made by an employee of the business against them as the employer. Employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement for any business that hires paid employees therefore is a necessity for any larger business. Rhino’s Employers liability insurance starts at just £72.80 per year and is an optional add-on policy to our public liability insurance cover.

Tradesman Insurance

Rhino provides Tradesmen insurance to thousands of tradespeople up and down the UK. Tradesman insurance is a type of business insurance that provides tailored cover for hazards and risks often experienced when working within a trade. Our tradesman public liability insurance offers varying levels of indemnity cover and keeps you protected if your client or a member of the public suffers an injury or damage to their property which was your fault. The policy will payout for the legal expenses and compensation owed by your business (up to your chosen level over cover).

Public Liability Insurance FAQs

Public Liability Insurance is one of the most common types of business insurance. Almost all businesses – whether large corporations or one-man enterprises – need Public Liability Insurance. It covers the cost of compensation and legal fees if a member of the public, including customers, clients, suppliers, or others who interact with your business, decide to sue your company because their property has been damaged or they have been injured as a result of your business. Whether you are a self-employed tradesman, limited company or partnership, public liability insurance is an absolute must-have policy for you.
Whilst there is no legal requirement to hold the policy, it is a fundamental business insurance which is there to protect your business. Not having it could cost your company a fortune, and even lead to bankruptcy due to the costs associated with defending or settling a legal claim.

Many contractors and customers will make having Public Liability Insurance in place a requirement of their contract with any tradesperson they employ, so you’ll have a tougher time drumming up business without it.
Public Liability Insurance is crucial cover for pretty much any business. Having Public Liability Insurance provides reassurance for customers who will feel more at ease knowing there’s protection in place if anything were to go wrong on the job. Further, it helps protect you and your business from potentially significant and unexpected costs.
Public Liability Insurance will cost you a small amount each month, but the pay-off should someone make a claim against your business will be immeasurable.

For most small businesses, that precious profit goes directly towards things like paying the mortgage, buying groceries for the family and keeping everything running at home. If you have any employees, you’ve got to pay their wages and help them support their own livelihoods, too.

Ring-fencing your own hard-earned profit to pay for things like compensation claims, damages and legal bills in the event of a claim would be disastrous for any self-employed tradesperson (or any big business, too – which is why you’ll not find a single larger corporation without Public Liability Insurance)!

Forgoing something as essential as Public Liability Insurance to save a few quid a month is a huge mistake we never want any tradesperson to make.
Any business which involves in-person contact with the public, customers or suppliers is subject to a degree of risk when it comes to public liability. This is why Public Liability Insurance is recommended for pretty much every type of business. However, it’s particularly important for men and women operating in the trades. This is simply due to the overwhelming amount of risk that tradespeople deal with on a daily basis.

We have listed a few examples of instances where public liability insurance would be needed below:

Plumbers – an incorrectly fitted pipe could lead to water damage within a client’s home
Electricians – faulty wiring could lead to a fire
Builders – working within the construction industry can mean there is exposure to multiple hazards which can lead to injury
Bricklayers – brick dust causing sickness or damaging surroundings of the job site
Gardeners – customers or passers-by could trip or harm themselves on tools left lying around
Roofers – a member of the public could be struck by a falling piece of debris
Rhino Public Liability Insurance will cover legal expenses and/or compensation (up to your chosen level of cover).
These costs are usually made up of compensation to the claimant, which can be for things like loss of income, medical treatment and inconvenience, as well as legal bills incurred in the process of deciding if, and how much, they’re entitled to.

If there’s been an oversight on your part somewhere on the job and someone has got hurt, or property has been damaged, then it makes sense that you should be liable. But we doubt if you can afford to do this out of your own pocket (or business’s bottom line) which is where Public Liability Insurance comes in. Everything will be covered by Rhino, and all you have to do is to pay your regular premiums as per your policy agreement.

We offer cover levels of up to £1M, £2M and £5M. We can also arrange a £10M limit for our customers on request.
There’s no one-size-fits-all here, as all businesses are different.

However, the cost of Public Liability Insurance will be dependent on the type of business you run and the level of insurance that you require, just like with most types of insurance. So, if your business is large, with a broad scope of business activities and multiple employees, it’s going to be higher than a one-man window cleaning operation. Also bear in mind that if your business carries out lower risk activities, you will pay a lower price and if your business is perceived as higher risk, you are likely to pay more.

Rhino constantly search the markets to find the best low-cost insurance so our customers can enjoy peace of mind at a low price.  
Again, this really does vary. How much Public Liability Insurance you will need is all dependent on the type of work you carry out and the size of your business.

There’s a couple of ways to get an insight if you really have no clue where to start, though. Sometimes customers or contractors will stipulate a minimum level of cover that they require you to hold before dealing with you. For example, in the case of Employer’s Liability Insurance, the UK government requires all businesses who have staff to have a minimum £5M Employer’s Liability policy in place.

Another way to get a feel for what level of cover you need is to try our quick quote engine. In under a minute, tell us a couple of details about your business, and we will get right back to you with a tailored quote.

Finally, if you’re not sure which level of cover is right for you, chat with the team at Rhino today. We’re a friendly bunch, but we’re also seasoned experts in the world of trade insurance and we really do know the business inside out. We’re based in Leicestershire, but don’t hold that against us! We provide trade insurance to people just like you from all over the UK and we will be able to talk you through the options available, and help you decide what is right for you.
No, Public Liability Insurance is not a legal requirement. However, going without it is simply a disastrous decision, as the protection this insurance affords is invaluable to most businesses.

Not having Public Liability Insurance in place could seriously harm your business should a claim be brought against you. Public liability claims aren’t uncommon by any stretch, especially in the trades. Usually, we don’t hear about them as they’re quickly and quietly sorted behind the scenes with the insurance company.

If you’re a small trades business and a customer or member of the public gets injured while visiting your job site, you’re at risk of losing your entire business in the process of settling a claim if you’re uninsured. You don’t need the law to tell you that going uninsured is not the smartest choice!
Rhino Trade Insurance will sort you out!

Rhino provides instant Public Liability quotations and cover to thousands of tradespeople just like you.

Dealing with us is easy, fuss-free and quick. We provide you with all the relevant certificates in minutes, and you have up to 14 days to change your mind and cancel your policy for a full refund if you wish.

Rhino also provides a number of ‘add on’ products that provide additional protection for the risks faced by individuals and businesses in trade. These handy extras will be directly relevant to your trade, such as our Tools in Transit insurance.
Don’t worry, we will never try to bamboozle you with jargon or sell you insurance products you don’t need. Instead, you’ll get an honest, transparent service that will leave you thinking, “Well, that was easy!”
Public Liability Insurance covers you for claims made by clients, customers, members of the public or anyone who comes into any contact with your job site against damages or injury.

However, Employer’s Liability Insurance specifically covers you against claims made by your employees, whether they are temporary or permanent, and others you may have employed such as work experience students.

One key difference is that Employer’s Liability Insurance is a legal requirement, whereas Public Liability Insurance is usually just a contractual requirement. However, both are very important to have in place.
If you do any work that means you come into contact with your customers or the general public, then the answer is yes.

Public Liability Insurance is not dependent on your business structure (whether sole trader, limited company director, partnership etc) or the number of people working for you, but the type of business you have.

If the work you carry out has the potential to cause damage or injury to a third party or their property then you should have Public Liability Insurance.

Most trades come with obvious danger, but this also includes someone with a home-based business (for example, a home baker) who has clients or suppliers cross the threshold to drop off or pick up orders. Remember, if something happens to them on your turf, you’re liable.
Rhino Public Liability is provided by MGAM Limited on behalf of Convex Insurance UK Limited who are a specialist insurance and re-insurance provider. Convex has almost $2billion of market capitalisation and is rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best, a well-renowned global rating agency. So you can rest assured that your business is in safe hands.
Public Liability Insurance covers the policyholder in the event that injury or death is caused to a member of the public as a result of the work being carried out by the policyholder. The policy is also designed to pay out if damage is caused to third party property and a claim is made against the policyholder.

Having this kind of insurance in place offers peace of mind that if you were to cause an error that results in a claim being made against you, you won’t need to worry about having the financial security to pay out to the claimant, as this will be covered by your insurer.
Policy excess is a factor that must be considered when taking out an insurance policy. The excess is the amount of money that must be paid by the policyholder in the event of the policy being claimed upon. Unlike motor insurance, public liability excess is not something that can be increased or decreased as a way of affecting the overall policy premium.

Almost all insurance policies come with an excess to pay. It’s to cover the cost of the claim, and helps keep your regular premium payment down. Generally, the excess payment is small change compared to the cost your insurer will bear for the overall claim.

At Rhino Trade Insurance, Public Liability Insurance has a £500 excess as standard. That means that in the event of a claim the excess to pay is £500, regardless of the value of the claim. The only scenario that would affect this excess is in the event that the claim is being made as a direct result of the use of heat (for example, gas engineering). In these instances, the excess would increase to £1000.
As a busy professional working in the trades industry, you may find yourself working in different types of environments.
It is important that you make sure that whatever professional environment you find yourself in, your Public Liability Insurance still covers you. Unless stated otherwise, Rhino’s Public Liability Insurance policies cover both Commercial & Domestic work being carried out.

In most cases, as a Rhino Trade Insurance customer, you can operate in both domestic and commercial environments, safe in the knowledge that the work you are carrying out is covered.
As a self-employed tradesperson looking to take out Public Liability Insurance, it’s also key that you’re aware of the locations that you are and are not covered in.

Operating in certain locations may affect whether your cover is valid, so having full knowledge of these exclusions is important when you take out your cover.

Rhino Trade Insurance is valid subject to the policy holder’s business being domiciled in, and most of the work of being carried out in the United Kingdom only. Any work carried out outside of the UK and overseas will not be covered, so please make sure that if you are going to be working outside the UK, you have sufficient cover in place.
There are some locations that are excluded from Rhino’s public liability insurance. They may not be places you’re likely to find yourself in on any given day, but again, it’s important that you know when you’re not covered by your policy just in case.

These locations include: docks, harbours, railways, watercraft, offshore gas or oil installations. Also, chemical or petrochemical works, oil or gas refineries or storage facilities aircrafts, airports, airfields, collieries, mines, quarries, power stations, and any installation where nuclear processing is undertaken.

For more information about the specifics of cover, all public liability insurance policy information is found on the policy documentation found on our website and a set of FAQs can be found here. If you have any questions about what this policy covers, please do not hesitate to contact us.




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Who is Public liability insurance for?

Here at Rhino Trade Insurance, we are proud to offer high-quality, low-cost public liability insurance to tradesmen and women every single day. You can find cover for over 70 unique trades with Rhino Trade Insurance. Popular trades include:

Air conditioning engineers come across on-site risk just like any other tradesperson. Working on air conditioning is more common on commercial locations rather than domestic properties in the UK. Luckily, Rhino Trade Insurance’s Public Liability Insurance covers both commercial and domestic locations. Get yourself covered with Rhino Trade Insurance today.
Installing bathrooms is a complicated profession and is something that must be done with skill and care. However, accidents do happen. Whether it’s an injury to your customer, or a collapsed ceiling, anyone working in bathrooms should make sure they have up-to-date Public Liability Insurance in place to cover such eventualities.
Insurance cover for anyone laying bricks is very important. It can be messy work, and it comes with plenty of hazards.

Public Liability Insurance provides the cover you need to protect you and your customers. Get insured with Rhino Trade Insurance and make sure that the work you carry out is sufficiently covered.
Builders are the backbone of infrastructure and carry out all types of risky jobs on behalf of their customers. Having Public Liability Insurance in place gives you and your customers the peace of mind that if anything happens, you will be covered. Get Public & Employers Liability Insurance easily with Rhino Trade Insurance.
Carpenters and joiners enter people’s homes every day. If this is your trade, you’ll know that working with power tools and dodgy existing structures can be filled with hazards. So, you’ll want to ensure that you have the right insurance in place should an accident ever occur. Public Liability Insurance gives you the reassurance that you’re financially protected should anything happen.
Anyone working on risky structural work should ensure that if anything went wrong then they would be able to pay out a liability claim. Rhino offers Public Liability Insurance at low-cost premiums for ceiling, partitioning and dry lining contractors, so they can get on with their jobs safe in the knowledge that your business won’t be on the line should a customer, supplier or member of the public get harmed.
It might be all in a day’s work for you, but erecting conservatories or porches comes with its fair share of dangers.

Therefore, it’s vital to make sure you have the right financial protection in place should an accident happen, or damage is caused to your customer or end client. Public Liability Insurance acts as a financial safety net, protecting you and your business in these instances.
Regardless of whether your drain-cleaning abilities are the best in Britain, to operate compliantly and correctly you should have Public Liability Insurance in place. Going uninsured is just not worth the risk in case something goes wrong.

Luckily, Rhino offers Public Liability cover specially designed for drain cleaners at fantastic low-cost rates.
The delicate craft of dry-stone walling deserves an equally as impressive insurance policy to back it up. Public Liability Insurance for dry stone wall workers gives you a financial safety net if you ever need to make a claim.
If you are working on electrical appliances in domestic locations, then the risk of harm coming to a customer or their property is always a possibility. No matter how small you think the risk is, it’s always best to be covered and many customers won’t hire you unless you are.

At Rhino Trade Insurance we offer low-cost public liability insurance via our easy-to-use online quote engine, so have a look for yourself today.
Public Liability Insurance for electricians is a specialty here at Rhino Trade Insurance, and we’ve sorted Public Liability cover for thousands of electricians in our time.

We offer fantastic rates for electricians and offer cover that is A-rated and available via monthly or annual payments. Our electrician’s insurance is simply the best in the UK, and we challenge anyone to find better cover elsewhere.
Putting up fences for domestic or commercial customers is an important task and always requires care and consideration. We feel that the same level of care should be taken when protecting your business, which is why Public Liability Insurance for fencing contractors is so important.
You don’t need us to tell you the risks that come with installing fireplaces in people’s homes. If this is your trade, you’ll have extensive safety training and an extensive knowledge of the hazards involved.

What we can do is recommend that you take out our competitively priced and comprehensive insurance cover, to make sure your business won’t take a financial hit should anything untoward happen on the job.
Being a flooring contractor means taking up large spaces in customer’s homes or client’s sites for long periods of time. You may not be working at height, but flooring comes with its fair share of risk. Having Public Liability Insurance in place means that you are covered if your work causes damage or injury to the public or public property.
Carrying out floor tiling work can bring with it hazards and dangers that may result in a claim being made on your Public Liability Insurance. Remember that claims can occur if you cause damage to third party property or injury to a member of the public. Get yourself covered with Rhino today.
Working on gas is a high-risk trade and requires the utmost skill and accreditation to perform. We offer comprehensive, low-cost Public Liability Insurance for gas fitters and our premiums are up to 40% cheaper than anywhere else we’ve found on the market.
For heating and ventilation engineers, having Public Liability Insurance in place is essential. This crucial insurance exists to cover you and your business in the case of an accident or injury on the job, leading to a claim against you.

Public Liability Insurance is vital for heating and ventilation engineers due to the likelihood of someone or something being harmed in the course of your duties. Don’t worry, here at Rhino we offer quality cover at great low prices.
Installing kitchens comes with plenty of workplace dangers. Whether it’s water, electricity, power tools or joinery, you and your customers are exposed to hazards right up until the job is complete. Make sure that if you’re fitting and installing kitchens then you have the right level of Public Liability Insurance in place to protect your business should something go wrong.
Painting and decorating can bring with it the risk of damage and even injury to those around you whilst at work. Make sure you have the right level of cover in place to be able to handle any claim made against you. Public Liability Insurance is the policy for you – so if you accidentally injure or damage a customer or their property, you won’t need to shell out from your own pocket.
Maintaining the UK’s paths, patios, and drives isn’t an easy undertaking. You always run the risk of accidentally damaging property, and there’s always the chance someone could end up harming themselves on your job site, too. Making sure that you have the right Public Liability Insurance in place is important. Accidents happen when you least expect it, so get covered with Rhino today.
Whether you are doing a plastering job on a commercial property or at a domestic location, the risk of a Public Liability Insurance claim being made is always a possibility. Make sure you have the right level of cover in place to keep you and your business financially secure in the event of a claim.
Plumbing and heating engineers experience high-risk work every day. Your customers rely on you to ensure that their homes are heated properly, and their water runs correctly, but don’t forget to take care of your business, too. You need Public Liability Insurance as a plumber or heating engineer to keep your business financially secure in case a claim is made against you.
Public Liability Insurance for plumbers is vital for anyone working in this trade, as it means you’re covered if you ever cause damage or injury to the public. You can follow all the Health & Safety guidelines on earth, and something could still happen, so never risk going uninsured. The promise of a pay out on your behalf if something ever goes wrong means that you can work safely in the knowledge that you and your business are covered.
Anyone working with refrigeration appliances, whether commercial or domestic, must ensure that their business is covered should an accident every occur leading to a public liability insurance claim.

We offer cheap public liability insurance for refrigeration engineers here at Rhino, so get a quote today!
Anyone working as a roughcaster or pebble dasher is exposed to potential risks every single day. The machines you use alone are enough to scare most people! Having the right level of Public Liability Insurance in place means that if someone every comes to harm (or their property is damaged), then your insurer would pay out to them on your behalf.
Public Liability Insurance for any engineers working in telecommunication is an important commodity. Having the right level of cover in place is vital in making sure your business doesn’t suffer if you ever need to make a claim due to accident or damage to members of the public or third party property. Plus, you’ll find yourself booking far more jobs when you have it, as customers want to know you’re insured to feel safe using your services.

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