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Rhino provides Tradesmen insurance to thousands of tradespeople up and down the UK. Tradesman insurance is a type of business insurance that provides tailored cover for hazards and risks often experienced when working within a trade. Our tradesman public liability insurance offers varying levels of indemnity cover and keeps you protected if your client or a member of the public suffers an injury or damage to their property which was your fault. The policy will payout for the legal expenses and compensation owed by your business (up to your chosen level over cover).

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From £1 million through to £5 million we’ve got your business covered.

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5 Star Rated 5 STAR RATED

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  • £1M, £2M, and £5M levels of cover available
  • Option to add Employers’ Liability cover
  • Starts at just £6.07 per month
  • Optional cover for multiple trades/business activities
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Public Liability Insurance protects you if a client, member of the public or visitor suffers an injury or accidental death, or damage to their property because of your business. It will cover legal expenses and/or compensation owed by your business (up to your chosen level of cover). Accidents can happen from time to time and holding this insurance can provide you with peace of mind that your business is covered. Public Liability also adds value to your business in proving to potential clients and customers that you have the right insurance in place, and is often a contractual requirement, albeit there is no legal requirement to hold this insurance. Public Liability Insurance is the most common form of tradesman insurance and is a commodity to any self-employed professional working in the trades. Here at Rhino Trade Insurance, we offer cover at some of the best rates on the market and via our unique online quote engine can provide accurate quotes within just 30 seconds.

Public liability cover will insure your business against the cost of a third party (individual or corporate) bringing legal action against you for injury, death or property damage caused by you during the course of your business. The policy will cover the legal costs and compensation where required, up to the limit of indemnity chosen. Insurance acts as a way of ensuring peace of mind to the policyholder in the unlikely event of an accident, and Rhino’s public liability insurance does just that. All of our liability policies have been tailor made for tradesmen at the lowest possible rates. Sometimes called PL insurance, we offer public liability cover via our online quote engine and telephone support team up to the value of £5million. All our public liability insurance policies cover public/product and pollution liability insurance as standard and cover height limits of up to 15 metres and depth limits of down to 2 metres.

Public liability insurance is the bread-and-butter insurance policy for any self-employed tradesman. It doesn’t matter if you work as a sole trade, a limited company, or a bona-fide subcontractor, you have the duty and responsibility to ensure that you are covered in the unlikely event of a claim. Public liability cover should be the core business insurance policy you take out, meaning that you are covered if the worst should happen, and your customer suffers as a result of the work you are undertaking. Public liability insurance is suitable and appropriate for any trade, so it doesn’t matter if you are working as a gas engineer, a bricklayer, or a builder, having the right level of cover in place is vital. The insurance is easy to purchase here at Rhino, meaning that almost anyone can ensure that they have public liability cover in place. You can purchase the policy over the phone or online, and our helpful insurance team will look after you every step of the way.

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HOW MUCH DOES Public Liability Insurance INSURANCE COST?

Public liability insurance should be affordable and reasonably priced, and here at Rhino, we offer some of the best insurance premiums we’ve found on the market. It is calculated depending on the level of risk your business poses, and completely depends on several factors that affect risk and price. Commonly, your trade dictates the premium of your liability insurance. Those working in low-risk trades such as cleaning, and carpentry will usually pay less for their liability insurance than someone working on gas or digging up groundworks. Another factor that affects the premium is the number of people you are covering. Chances are the more people you have working on a project the more likely the event of a claim. Other factors can include your business’ turnover, the level of cover you wish to take out, and in some cases the locations where you are working. We offer fantastic public liability insurance rates here at Rhino and challenge anyone to find a better quote than with us.


You can also purchase great value Employer’s Liability insurance alongside a Rhino Public Liability Insurance Policy. Employers Liability Insurance covers the policyholder in the event of a liability claim being made by an employee of the business against them as the employer. Employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement for any business that hires paid employees therefore is a necessity for any larger business. Rhino’s Employers liability insurance starts at just £72.80 per year and is an optional add-on policy to our public liability insurance cover.


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Rhino provides Tradesmen insurance to thousands of tradespeople up and down the UK. Tradesman insurance is a type of business insurance that provides tailored cover for hazards and risks often experienced when working within a trade. Our tradesman public liability insurance offers varying levels of indemnity cover and keeps you protected if your client or a member of the public suffers an injury or damage to their property which was your fault. The policy will payout for the legal expenses and compensation owed by your business (up to your chosen level over cover).



Here at Rhino Trade Insurance, we are proud to offer high-quality, cheap public liability insurance to tradesmen and women every single day. You can find cover for over 70 unique trades with Rhino Trade Insurance.  The Find Out More is to link to the page below.



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Public Liability Insurance FAQs

Public liability Insurance is one of the most common types of business insurance. It covers compensation and legal costs if a member of the public, including clients, suppliers, or others who interact with your business, decide to sue your company because their property has been damaged or they have been injured. Whether you are a self-employed tradesman, limited company or partnership, public liability insurance is one of the most relevant insurance policies for you.

Whilst there is no legal requirement to hold the policy, it is a fundamental business insurance to protect your business and many contractors and customers will make it a requirement of their contract.
Public liability insurance is a crucial cover for many businesses. Having public liability insurance provides reassurance for customers as they feel more at ease knowing they are protected if anything was to go wrong and it helps protect yourself from potentially significant and unexpected costs.
All businesses have some form of contact with the public, customers or suppliers which means that they are subject to a degree of risk. Public liability is recommended for many types of businesses, particularly those operating in the building trade.

We have listed a few examples of instances where public liability insurance would be needed below:

Plumbers – an incorrectly fitted pipe could lead to water damage within a client’s home
Electricians – faulty wiring could lead to a fire
Builders – working within the construction industry can mean there is exposure to hazards which can lead to injury
Public Liability Insurance covers you for claims made by clients, members of the public or others on your site against damages or injury. However, Employer’s Liability Insurance covers you against claims made by your employees, whether they are temporary or permanent, and others you may have employed such as work experience students.
Rhino’s Public liability insurance can provide cover from £1m, £2m, £5m via our online shop platform. All our tradesman liability insurance policies have a £500 excess as standard, meaning that if you ever needed to make a claim, then you would only be required to pay a one-off excess of £500. This excess remains the same regardless of the size of the claim, meaning that if the claim was for £1000 or £1,000,000, then the excess would remain the same. The only event that would affect the policy excess is in cases that a claim occurs as a direct result of the use of heat. Claims arising as a direct result of the use of heat are very uncommon but can be made by heating engineers, plumbers etc. when performing high-risk work. In these cases, the excess on a liability insurance policy rises to £1000 per claim.
Public liability insurance provides protection for all trades that you work in, and as a Rhino Trade Insurance customer, you are able to specify your main trade and secondary trade in order to get the proper cover your business requires. We understand that not all businesses are the same, therefore all customers should have the chance to ensure that all elements of their work are protected. You can choose your trades throughout the easy quote system and remember that unlike other insurance providers Rhino will not also demand your personal information until you are happy and satisfied with the quote you have retrieved. Should our system not allow you to input all trades required, or if you have any specialist requirements or questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team directly who all would be very happy to assist you.
Public liability insurance quotes can differ depending on a number of factors, and what trade you are can certainly affect the cost of a quote. Different trades carry with them different risks in the eyes of an insurance underwriter, and because of this, not all trades attract the same public liability premiums. The cost factor for liability insurance can differ as a result of the size and scale of your business, the number of individuals you wish to be covered by your policy, and the level of cover you require. The trade you carry out is a key factor in equating the cost of your public liability insurance, however, it is common for different trades to have different insurance premiums for the same level of cover. You can easily compare the difference in premiums via our easy to navigate online shop by generating a public liability insurance quote. Rest assured, if you’re looking for cheap PL, our prices are the cheapest we’ve found on the market!
Public liability insurance covers accidental damage to a customer’s property and accidental death or injury to members of the public because of the work you carry out. Liability insurance covers the financial risk of compensation and settlements brought on by a liability claim and is a must have for any hard-working tradesman. If during your line of work, you offer professional advice, then professional indemnity insurance will cover you in the event of a claim being made because of professional negligence. For example, if you provide design or specification advice as part of your job, advice that leads to your customer incurring a financial loss may be deemed as professional negligence, and it is in these cases that this would be insured under your professional indemnity insurance policy. Note that you can easily purchase professional indemnity insurance alongside other insurances with us here at Rhino. We offer fantastic prices on both insurances to ensure that you can get covered whilst taking care of your company’s bottom line.
Having no public liability insurance in place is a risk simply not worth taking. Attempting to work under the assumption that you would be able to handle any pay-outs as a result of a claim is not recommended. Thankfully, most public liability insurance claims are relatively low, but there are cases where claims can be very expensive, and in these cases having the right insurance in place can be the difference between a stable business, and bankruptcy. If you have no public liability insurance in place and you must payout in the event of a claim will mean that all compensation comes out of your business’ bank account and directly from your bottom line. Having insurance in place gives you financial protection in the event of an accident happening and offers you peace of mind in the knowledge that if something did go wrong, you would still be covered.
Switching insurance providers could not be simpler. You could simply cancel your current liability insurance policy and take out a policy with Rhino, or you could wait until your renewal date and do it then. In both cases, we here at Rhino would ensure a simple and seamless transition and will make sure that you have no gap in cover. If you have only just recently taken out liability insurance and want to switch to Rhino, note that all insurance policies have a 14-day cooling-off period where you can cancel unpenalized, so switching to Rhino may be even more simple than you think. If you want to switch to Rhino trade insurance, then you can do so today. Simply give us a call on 01162437904 or you can easily purchase it yourself online.


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