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Insurance For Electricians 

Rhino Trade Insurance provides a range of valuable electrician's insurance policies, whether you are an electrician, telecommunications engineer or servicing electrical appliances.

When you choose electrician’s insurance from Rhino you can be assured that you will not be bombarded with adverts of packages containing insurances that you don’t need.  We keep our costs low and you won’t be charged direct debit fees either.

On purchase of your insurance you will have instant access to the full policy information which will be in your online account.  Whilst everything you need is online there may be times when you want to speak with us, in this case you will find our UK telephone support most helpful.


Do you need electrician’s insurance?

Like other tradespeople, electricians face certain risks during the course of their work.  It doesn’t matter how experienced an electrician may be, accidents can and do happen.

Ask yourself, if you were left unable to work due to an accident, would you be able to make ends meet?  If a customer was injured because of your work, could you cover the costs to defend yourself?  If your tools were stolen from your vehicle, would you be able to do your job?

If the answer to the above is ‘no’, then it would be wise to have insurance in place.  It will give you, not only protection in the event that something went wrong, but also peace of mind.

What type of electrician’s insurance do I need?

There are a range of advisable insurance policies for electricians to have in place, depending on their circumstances.  For instance, if you have people working for you, i.e. employees, contractors then you must take out employer’s liability insurance.   Employer’s liability insurance is a lawful requirement and will cover claims from employees if they are injured or become seriously ill due to working for you.

Other insurances that you would need to consider are:

liability insurance for electricians 

For those electricians who are self-employed, it is recommended that you are covered by liability insurance.  This insurance will cover you against injury or damage to property which may have been caused by you whilst carrying out your work.

Legal Expenses Insurance

As a self-employed electrician you may encounter a number of legal risks.  These may be health & safety risks or debt recovery.  With legal expenses insurance in place you can get the defence you need without worrying about the cost. If you are called for Jury Service this insurance will cover your loss of income.

Tax Enquiry Insurance

Whilst your business may have done nothing wrong, this does not stop HMRC from enquiring into your tax affairs. Tax enquiry insurance is able to cover accountants’ fees and, if needed, you can also have an expert to defend your case. HMRC have software that enables them to cross-reference various government databases.  This software highlights any income inconsistencies which is often cause by undeclared income. Free tax advice is also included with every TEI policy.

Tools in transit insurance

If tools are stolen it may mean that the electrician is unable to carry out their job, this then could result in no income. Tools in transit insurance is ideal for tradesmen who regularly carry tools in their vehicle, as this insurance covers the cost of repair or replacement if the tools are damaged or stolen.

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Public Liability Insurance

Accidents happen. Public Liability Insurance keeps you covered if your client or a member of the public suffers an injury or damage to their property which was your fault. It will pay out for the legal expenses and compensation owed by your business (up to your chosen level of cover)...


Tools in Transit Insurance

Your tools are important for getting the work done. This policy is perfect for tradesmen who regularly carry tools in their vehicle, and rely on the tools to earn an income...


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