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Tradesman Insurance

Working as a tradesman is a vital profession that requires skills and expertise that most people simply don't have. It is tradespeople like you that keeps the country ticking! Whether you're fixing faulty pipes, rewiring old electrics, or building an extension, you have plenty on your plate to worry about, without the added concern of your finances suffering as a result of an insurance claim. Rhino Trade Insurance has worked alongside thousands of tradesmen, supporting our electricians, plumbers, joiners, builders, carpenters up and down the country for years, providing valuable insurance for tradesmen.

Whatever your trade, we are here to help you find the best possible tradesman insurance for your business. We understand that damage limitation is a must, and the safety of your employees and customers is paramount, but we also understand that things can sometimes go wrong. Let us tell you why it just isn't worth scrimping on your tradesman insurance costs and leaving yourself vulnerable should the worst happen. So without further ado, grab a brew, and let's get to it!

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The Importance of Tradesman Insurance

Nothing in life is a dead cert (no matter how low the odds are at the bookies), so here at Rhino, we try to prepare all our customers for the eventualities that they may face. One minute you could be working just another routine job, and the next, it could be like armageddon trying to make up for any overlooked mistakes. Insurance is a fundamental commodity for anybody working in the trades. Whether that is someone that lays bricks, erects fencing, plumbs in a bathroom or any other form of trade. Working your daily life without having trade insurance is like playing with fire - there's always a chance that someone will get burned.

The team here at Rhino have one thing in mind, to offer the hardworking tradesmen and women of the UK the best possible insurance cover on the market. Like a Saville Row suit, we have tailored our policies to work alongside whatever your trade is and however your business is structured. So why take the risk when we have it all mapped out for you? Let's find out about the nitty-gritty below.

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Tradesman Public Liability Insurance

Having worked with tradesmen and women for over 20 years, it's safe to say we know a thing or two about running a successful business when working in the trades. We understand that not every business is different but also know what the most common and most effective insurance policies can be. The most common and frequently asked about cover is Public Liability Insurance. It's a fundamentally important trade insurance policy that offers you valuable cover whether you work on-site or at a customer's location.

Public Liability Insurance will protect you if any damage is caused by your business during its business activities or if a customer or member of the public sustains an injury or death due to the nature of your work. Even if you're the sharpest tool in the box, due to the dangers associated with working in the trades, risks and hazards present themselves on an almost daily basis.

It is in these instances when accidents happen where Rhino Trade Insurance gets to work. We have spent many caffeine-filled hours creating cover for all manner of tradesmen and have specialist liability insurance available for builders, sparkies, plumbers, chippies, painters, decorators… essentially, we cover the complete A-Z of trades. Check them out now or give our UK based staff a call (we don't bite).

Here are a few more details of what you can expect from our Public Liability Insurance:

  • Insurance protection starts from £6.07 per month!
  • Cover for £1 million, £2 million and £5 million
  • Our standard excess is £500 for any liability claim that isn't a direct result of the use of heat.
  • Should you ever need to increase your current policy or change any details, simply get in touch. We won't charge you any admin fees.
  • Monthly payments are the way forward for some. Take advantage of our interest-free monthly Direct Debit offer on all policies.
  • Purchase online or over the phone - get through to an actual human-based in the UK now.
  • Employers Liability Insurance - A popular add-on if you have workers. Quickly and easily get £10m cover for your business.
  • Access your certification and documentation instantly via your online account. We'll even send it over by email as well.

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Why Do I Need Tradesman Insurance?

Tradesman insurance is a vital extension to your business. As a self-employed tradesman in the UK, you must care for yourself and those around you and your business. As such, you have duties and responsibilities that should be met for you to undertake your work. Making sure your craft is finished to a high specification, on budget and on time is one thing, but making sure you work in a safe and compliant way throughout is another. Tradesman Insurance is your lifeboat should your business ever need to make a claim.

We offer several highly personalised insurance options for tradesmen, here are just a few:

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Who Needs Tradesman Insurance?

We offer tradesman insurance for almost every trade you can think of. If you find one that we don't cover, we might even give you some free merch! Having gone through the stats, these are the most popular trades that we cover:

We also offer specialist tradesman insurance for handymen, carpet fitters, glaziers, tilers, plasterers and many more trades. Don't see yours? Just send a message over, and we'll see what we can do for you.

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How Much Does Tradesman Insurance Cost?

There's no one-size-fits-all for tradesman insurance. There are many ways in which an insurance quote can differ, so we developed an easy to use online quote engine that gives you a direct and final quote in seconds (yes, literally!).

The various factors that go into a quote include: what your trade is, the level of indemnity cover you would like, the size of your business, the equipment you use for work and your location. All of these variables will decide the cost of your insurance, however, rest assured, tradesman insurance shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg. 

"I've used Rhino for the past 3 years for my Electrical and Plumbing business. They have the best rates on the market and sort everything for me quickly and easily. I'd recommend Rhino Trade Insurance to anyone looking for tradesman insurance for their business. 5 star!" Bob - Rhino Customer

Our trade insurance prices start at just £35 per year but vary depending on the type of business you run and the risk factors associated with the work you carry out. That's why it's best to go through our quick and straightforward quote system online, or better yet, give one of our lovely UK team a call.

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What Tradesman Insurance Do We Offer?

Here at Rhino, we offer a wide range of tradesman insurance policies designed to suit the needs of any person working in the trades throughout the UK. Cover can exist in many forms, from your core liability policy to personal cover such as Accident and Sickness insurance. Whatever your requirements, we aim to arm you with the cover you need.

Take a look at the suite of tradesman insurance policies that we offer:

  • Public Liability Insurance - This insurance is often referred to as a 'tradesman's bread, and butter' as it provides the core insurance you need should you cause damage, injury or death to your customer or their property whilst at work.
  • Employers Liability Insurance - Employers liability cover insures the policyholder should their employee sustain injury or death whilst at work. It is important to note that Employers Liability Insurance is a legal requirement in the UK for anyone that employs someone in their business.
  • Legal Expenses Insurance - Legal cover is valuable for any tradesman as it covers the cost of defending and making a legal claim. Legal claims can range from debt recovery to property disputes and can save the policyholder considerably in legal fees should they ever need to make a claim.
  • Tax Enquiry Insurance - Tax cover is often overlooked when taking out tradesman insurance. However, the cover is really helpful as it provides cover in the event of HMRC launching an enquiry into your tax status.
  • Tools in Transit Insurance - Know anyone who has had their tools stolen? I bet you do! Sadly almost 50% of tradesmen will fall victim to tool theft at one point or another, and in cases where your van or tools are stolen, having the right insurance in place can be the only defence you have.
  • Personal Accident Insurance - Our accident cover offers a lump sum payout in the event of injury or death-causing you to miss out on your work. It also pays a daily hospital benefit and covers against a whole host of potential accidents or injuries.
  • Income Protection Insurance - Income protection cover acts as valuable sickness insurance covering the policyholder in the event that they are unable to work due to sickness or ill-health. Out cover provides varying levels of indemnity and can cover up to 12 months of sick leave.
  • Contractors All Risks Insurance - This insurance is vital for those doing construction site work. It covers your contract value, in-plant and hired machinery and even employee tools and effects. Select the level of cover you require in order to get the right level of insurance.

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Why Choose Rhino for your Tradesman Insurance?

Rhino Trade Insurance has been supplying valuable cover to tradesmen and women like you for almost two decades. Our customer service is second to none, with more 5 star online reviews than most of our competitors combined. Our advanced technology means that customers can get access to immediate quotes without having to submit their details for marketing purposes, meaning we are utterly transparent and clear when it comes to our fees. Our prices are some of the best we've found, and we are the market leaders of insurance for numerous common trades.

So, in the words of The Godfather, "we're gonna make you an offer you can't refuse". If you're serious about finding a tailored tradesman insurance policy for you or your business, then Rhino Trade Insurance is waiting for your call.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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