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Here at Rhino Trade Insurance, we offer a range of gas engineers insurance. Whether you’re a gas engineer or gas fitter, our specialist cover provides the cheapest rates we’ve found on the market.

We at Rhino have industry leading rates for anyone operating as a gas engineer and can offer insurance quotes easily online or over the phone within 30 seconds. There are several tradesman insurance policies that would benefit your gas engineers & gas fitters’ business, and public liability insurance is the most common and important example of this.


Operating as a gas fitter brings with it potential risks and dangers unique to the profession of a gas engineer. Working as a gas fitter means that the work you carry out on boilers and central heating requires specialist skills in order to tackle the daily challenges of this profession.

The work undertaken by gas engineers and gas fitters also requires the appropriate qualification in order to be performed, and as a result of this specialist requirement, the work undertaken by gas engineers is classed as high risk. High risk professions require high levels of protection, and in these cases having the right insurance in place is very important.

Here at Rhino Trade Insurance, we’ve tailored our insurances to be as simple and easy to understand as possible at the best rates available on the market. You can purchase gas fitters and gas engineer’s insurance easily via our online quote engine and you will be able to get quotes within 30 seconds.

Note that you can retrieve quotes for your gas engineer & gas fitting business by selecting the trade ‘Plumbing & Heating’ or ‘Gas Fitter’ on our quote engine.

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Public Liability Insurance for gas engineers covers the professional who has taken out the policy if the work they undertake causes damage to a customer’s property, or the work results in accidental injury or death to a member of the public. An example of a public liability insurance claim for a gas engineer would be if during your work in a customer’s home, the customer was to fall over your toolkit, injuring themselves and holding you responsible. Having public liability insurance in place in these instances will provide the financial protection you need in order to pay any compensation required. Note that we can also offer employers liability insurance, which is a legal requirement for any business that has any employees.

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Operating as a gas fitter & gas engineer means that you will use a range of expensive tools and equipment in order to carry out your work to a high standard. Keeping your tools safe is very important and ensuring that you have put the necessary precautions in place to prevent tools theft is of course vital. Insurance acts as a guaranteed way of easing the strain and pain businesses can feel as a result of tools theft and offers peace of mind that if the worst were to happen to your business, you would still be covered.

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Professional Indemnity Insurance for gas engineers and fitters provides cover in instances where your professional advice or designs cause your client financial loss. If, because of the work you have performed, you are held responsible, then professional indemnity insurance will provide the right cover for your gas engineers business. We understand that to work on boilers and central heating you must be fully qualified, but accidents can happen. We at Rhino urge anyone operating as a gas engineer to get you and your business covered.

Having legal expenses insurance in place means that you are covered against a range of legal risks and disputes. Legal insurance for gas engineers provides cover of up to £50,000 in the event of having to make a legal claim against a third party, or defending a legal claim made against your business. Rhino’s legal expenses insurance also provides cover for the policyholder in the event that they are called up for jury duty and experience a loss of earnings as a result. Handy!

Protecting your income in the event of injury, death or sickness is one of the most important policies a gas engineer can take out for their business.

Being a self-employed professional means that you are reliant on your health and physical well being in order to earn a living and get paid. If you were unable to work as a result of an accident you had outside of the workplace or on a job means that you would not be getting paid until you are better.

Personal accident insurance exists to offer a lump sum payout and daily hospital benefit if an injury like this were to occur. The sickness insurance provides income protection cover, meaning that you will still be able to earn a wage in the event of long-term sickness or disease. The policies provide reassurance that your finances would not suffer as a result.

As a self-employed professional working as a gas fitter & gas engineer, you are responsible for certain duties and responsibilities attributed to the running of your business. Whether you are operating as a limited company or a sole trader, paying the right amount of tax to HMRC is vital in ensuring that your business is compliant in the eyes of the Revenue. Rhino’s Tax Enquiry Insurance offers the policyholder defence and representation in the event of an HMRC investigation or enquiry into your business tax. HMRC can look at many aspects of your business, from the classification of sub-contractors to the submission of tax returns and having an insurance policy that covers any potential defence can prove invaluable.




All businesses require insurance in order to operate compliantly and safely in the knowledge that their business is covered. Self-employed tradespeople working on gas and central heating are no different, and as a result of the high-risk trade they are working in, should ensure that they have the right gas engineers and gas fitter’s insurance in place. Here at Rhino Trade Insurance, we have been working alongside gas fitters and heating engineers closely for years and have tailored insurances specifically designed for the trade. We offer insurance simply and easily at rates unbeaten across the market. We honestly don’t think anywhere else offers quotes as easily and competitively as we do. Give it a try today!

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Rhino Trade Insurance is proud to be the official insurance partner of Gas App UK. Gas App is one of the largest communities of Gas Fitters and Gas Engineers in the UK, offering support, information, and technology vital in running a successful business in the gas industry. Rhino has been recognised as one of the leading insurance providers in the UK for gas engineers and stands alongside Mira Showers, Ideal Heating and Wolseley as official partners of the app. Any tradesperson who is Gas Safe Registered can join the app for free and take advantage of literally thousands of benefits.

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