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Importance Of Public Liability Insurance For Self Employed Tradesman?

Rhino Trade Insurance 25 February 2022

You might have heard about Public Liability Insurance before. You may even have taken out a policy in it but not understand what it is or what it covers. You might even be thinking, "it's insurance. Do I need to care about it?". We're here to share a short snippet on the importance of Public Liability Insurance for self-employed tradespeople. What is it? Do you need it? Will you get more clients with it? And much more. 

What is Public Liability Insurance?

Public Liability Insurance is one of the most popular insurance policies you will hear about for tradespeople. Not having this type of insurance in place leaves you and your business open to potential financial ruin - sorry for the harsh line. It's true. 

Various news stories show how uninsured tradesmen who cause significant damage or injury to their customers can face major financial bills, some ultimately crippling their business. 

Public Liability Insurance is a cost-effective piece of insurance that will cover you and your business up to your chosen level of indemnity. It has your back covered for any damages caused to a customer's property or injury caused to a member of the public because of your work. 

The potential costs and consequences of not having Public Liability Insurance are severe and significant. Understanding why adequate protection is vital could save your business down the line.

Why do I need Public Liability Insurance?

Although we have mentioned why you need Public Liability Insurance above, we can go further. First off, you aren't legally required to hold this type of insurance (we know, if it's so important, then why not mandate it?). With that said, it makes perfect business sense to take out a policy for anybody who comes into contact with the public through their work. 

It is the most basic way to prove you are offering a service that includes a duty of care. Even with the most risk-averse and competent tradesmen, accidents can and will happen, so the wise option is to get yourself covered. 

If you happen to have a claim made against your business, the result could stack up to thousands of pounds in damages. For example, if you were a plumber and were re-fitting a radiator, which causes a flood, causing water to seep into the floorboards deeming the property unsafe. The customer will undoubtedly be readying a claim against your business. Could you afford to foot that bill without Public Liability Insurance?

Having Public Liability Insurance with Rhino Trade Insurance in place will save your business from a claim like this. You won't need to stress or spend extra time dealing with any legalities or compensation. We will handle everything for you whilst you can go about your daily life.

Check out the thousands of happy tradies who we have insured here.

Do clients need me to have public liability insurance?

Any customer looking to have work done will most likely shop around and get a few quotes. They will most likely ask if you are covered, which could be the deal-breaker in landing that client. If a customer lets an uninsured tradesman or woman into their property and damage is caused, the costs incurred might land at the customer's door. That's why they will most likely ask you to provide proof of any relevant insurance documents. 

More so, if you offer your excellent services to local organisations, businesses or governments, then they will ask you for the right level of cover to be in place. In this day and age, it just isn't worth the risk for any business to allow an uninsured tradesperson onto their premises. Therefore, this will most likely hamper your chances of getting the contract with the organisation should you not be insured.

An added point is that if you are looking to grow your business and become the Richard Branson of the trade game, to attract large clients or secure good-sized contracts, having Public Liability Insurance in place is a prerequisite. 

Does my trade association require me to have insurance?

Likewise with the section above, if you are trying to get your trade business acknowledged by a specific trade body or receive an award to showcase to your clients, you will need to have Public Liability Insurance in place to be accepted. 

Public Liability Insurance with Rhino Trade Insurance costs as little as £6.07 a month, and we offer cover for a range of customers. From £1 million, all the way to £5 million of coverage on offer. 

With just a small cost to your business each month, you could receive a trade-acknowledged badge which increases your chances of reaching new customers and further growing your business.

Is it necessary for my reputation?

Whether you are starting your new business or have built up your reputation over many years, having Public Liability Insurance in place will cement your local stature. 

Family, friends or word-of-mouth still recommend most tradesmen across the UK, and prospective customers may check to see that you are adequately covered to work on-site. What's more, it may showcase you as 'more trustworthy' and 'reliable', which is always a good thing.

Chat to Rhino Trade Insurance now

Our team are ready and waiting to speak to you and get your trade insurance sorted. We are based in the UK, in the lovely city that unexpectedly won the Premier League in 2016, and our lines are open six days a week. 

Give us a call to talk about Public Liability Insurance, protection for your tools, van insurance or whatever it may be now on 0116 243 7904.

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