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Top Apps and Websites for Tradesmen

Rhino Trade Insurance 19 August 2022

On a trade site near you, there's a local plumber using their iPad to finalise a quote. Over the road, you will see a fencing contractor taking payment through an app on their phone, and in a local cafe, there's a builder offering design advice through a Zoom call. 

The point? The world is genuinely connected via technology, and the trades aren't exempt from that. So what are the best apps available to tradespeople, in our opinion, of course? Let's revolutionalise the way your work and make you more efficient now! 

Why use websites and apps as a tradesperson?

Tradespeople using apps and websites will only help to increase their own knowledge of their work, appeal to newer clients and grow their own contact base. That’s why we've scoured all the app stores and searched the land for some of the most popular and downright valuable apps for tradesmen and women in the UK. We've dialled it down to the top 7 you need in your digital tool belt to make it easier to run your business as a self-employed tradesperson. 


Some things are synonymous with tradespeople: toolbox, full English, a builders brew and recently Checkatrade. This website is hugely popular in the trades. It helps both sides of the aisle: customers and tradespeople. If you want to advertise your services to your local area, you can do and build up your profile with images and reviews. Likewise, if a local customer wants to find a quick and easy list of a certain trade, they can search their local area and contact who they choose. 

It makes our list because of this and how simple it is to use. I myself (Phil), writing this article, have used Checkatrade several times, most recently to find a tiler for my kitchen. 

All you need to do as a tradesman or woman is complete their form, which leads to them giving you a call. You answer a handful of questions and provide proof that you are qualified for the service you offer. They will also ask for insurance documents, and once all this is completed, you're off to the races. 

After this, you pay a subscription fee, and that's it. You don't pay any commissions for any jobs you get through the site. It's an excellent tool for when things slow down in your trade. So why not check it out now?


Square is a handy bit of kit for anyone running their own trade business. With software and hardware, you can manage your cash flow, create invoices for clients, and take payments on the go, anytime, anywhere! 

Imagine you are working on a job. The quote was approved a couple of weeks ago, the client is excited as the project is coming to an end, and you can simply whip out your pocket-sized device that connects to the Square app. The customer can pay you easily via chip and pin, just like in any shop or restaurant. 

Why choose it? It will make managing your finances and payments easy. It's effortless to set up and cheap. 

Rated People

Rated People is similar to Checkatrade, but this time you are in control of finding your work instead of waiting for people to contact you. 

Customers and homeowners will post jobs that need doing, and you, as a relevant tradesperson, will be shown these leads, making it easy for you to contact them and offer your services. 

As this app offers more tailored solutions for your trade, it costs a minimum of £35 a month. Still, besides providing you leads, they also have a great library of information on everything you need to run a successful trade business. How to style your van, where to shop for tools, guides, advice and everything else you can think of. 


Makita? They make tools, of course, you know about them! But did you know they also offer a mobile app that turns your phone into something useful for the job at hand. Imagine some type of swiss-army-knife but in mobile form. 

Forgot your light? Misplaced your measuring tools or lost your spirit level and in need? This handy app lets you do all of this and more. 

But what about your battery? Don't worry. It won't drain your full charge and the cherry on the cake. It's completely free to use!

Book a Builder

If you are a tradesperson looking for more work and exposure, Book a Builder has thousands of tradesmen and women using their platform daily. It’s super easy! A customer posts their job requirements, and local tradespeople will then show interest in the job. It’s free to join, and you can get work on the day you sign up!

No matter if you are a builder, roofer, carpenter, kitchen or bathroom installer, there are plenty of leads for you. 

What’s more, Rhino Trade Insurance and Book a Builder are now partners, so as a member, you can get an exclusive discount on your insurance cover. 


Fixington is a cracking app for anyone working on the tools. It starts free and allows you to track and manage all jobs you have at any one time. What's more, you can invoice clients through the app and save any info from a job in case you need it down the line. 

The best part of this is that it saves you a load of paperwork and helps you to stay organised. If you have employees, it also helps track which jobs they are on. 

Powered Now

Finally, we have Powered Now. This is a tool used for estimating, invoicing and scheduling for self-employed tradespeople and small businesses. 

This handy tool helps you create quotes for clients and job sheets for yourself and your employees. It can also manage your payments, so you don't lose track of what you are doing. 

If you aren't great at organisation, this is one of the best organisation tools for you. Given time, you'll realise how powerful this handy app is. 

Finally, consider your trade insurance options.

Although there are many great apps for you to use whilst on-site or managing your business after finishing a job, it's always great to remember your trade insurance options. 

Rhino Trade Insurance has come up with some of the finest insurance options for almost all tradespeople. We have you covered, from Public Liability Insurance to Tools In Transit Insurance and more!

Our insurance won't cost you an arm and a leg either! Our prices are on average 40% cheaper than most other industry competitors, and what's more? Tradesmen and women in the UK love us! 

Why Choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

Get in touch with our wonderful UK-based team for all your trade insurance needs. Our helpful insurance specialists will get you sorted and back to work in no time - just call now on - 0116 243 7904. Alternatively, just get a quick and easy quote online. It will take you less than a minute. 

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