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Time to expand your Electrician Business with Solar Panels?

Rhino Trade Insurance 06 April 2023

As an Electrician running their own business, you may be considering ways to branch out. Solar Panels could be the way to go, and today, Rhino Trade Insurance wants to explore what that looks like. 

Solar energy has long been touted as a way to reduce global warming and improve our eco footprint. Instead of dirty fossil fuels, we are seeing more customers change to panels on their properties and within their grounds to exploit the sun's rays. One common misconception is that solar panels only work in sunny places. So consider this, is it time for your Electrician business to grow? Are you considering solar panels as a route? Let's explore what that entails. 

They are the present and the future.

Essentially, if you are considering delving into the solar panel market, now is the time. They have slowly built up popularity in the UK over the past ten years, and we are now seeing more homes and offices install panels to ease energy burdens - the future is definitely bright regarding solar panel installation. 

These devices have been designed to be low maintenance, meaning once installed, you won't need to visit the customer on a regular basis. However, you will be able to benefit from repeat business as they will need a checkup every now and then. On top of this, thanks to the Energy Price Cap, the payback period allowed for a normal solar system household is now between six and seven years, meaning it's the shortest it's ever been. This has created a great demand for solar installers, and the industry is even struggling to keep up with the number of inquiries and jobs available. 

Furthermore, due to the increase in energy costs, qualified Electricians with training in solar panel installation are in extremely high demand. As customers consider their options, switching from old-school power to solar is now a top priority for some. It has been found that some businesses have seen increases in solar panel installation of 400%-500%, meaning there is ample opportunity for you to expand. 

The benefits for your customers

On top of the demand, what are the main benefits to your customers for offering and installing solar panels?

Reduce their energy bills

As said, you don't need direct sunlight to store energy with your solar panels. What's even better? Sunlight is (still) free. This means that once your customers pay the upfront price, their electricity bill will reduce. There are various energy calculators around that can show your customers how much solar it will save them.

Cuts their carbon footprint

Having solar panels installed will inevitably cut your customer's carbon footprint. Solar energy is low-carbon and renewable. It's been found that the average UK home will cut around one tonne of carbon every year (this depends on where you live, mind). 

They can work with other renewable systems.

Solar panels can be used in conjunction with other useful, forward-thinking renewable systems. Customers can link their solar PV's (photovoltaic - the official industry name) with technologies like heat pumps, fan systems, energy storage, batteries and hot water systems to make their home a renewable oasis. 

You will also be needed to maintain them.

On top of all the positives we have shared above, your business can benefit from repeat work with the same customers by maintaining the solar system you install. Once set up, providing the customers calls to book a maintenance session, you will help in various ways to keep the solar system up to scratch. Here are a few reasons why people want Electricians to monitor and maintain their solar panels:

  • Having a time-served professional is safe, and they are in the hands of a pro
  • Having an experienced solar panel Electrician allows them to get a full diagnostic test of the system.
  • If there are any issues, an Electrician can spot and fix the problem easily
  • Electricians can also show them how to optimise their systems for the best power consumption available. 

Should you train in solar panel installation?

As an Electrician running your own business, you could future-proof your business and get ahead of the curve by upskilling your and your team's knowledge now. You could focus solely on smaller, domestic jobs, or you could even expand and branch out into large systems with numerous batteries and panels. In the UK right now, the world is your oyster when it comes to solar panel installation. 

Although the country will come to a delicate balance between fuels and renewables, more and more people are becoming aware of the impact their carbon footprint has and are considering newer technologies to help the planet. Upskilling now allows you to grow your income, train new people, create jobs and be part of the potential changing of the guard in the energy consumption industry. 

Why choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

It's an exciting time for our friends in the Electrical trades. We at Rhino are hungry to see where the industry goes and how the solar panel world will evolve. Remember your business's insurance needs, especially if you begin to grow. If you already have a policy, you will want to review your level of protection to ensure you are fully covered. 

As an Electrical professional, you can easily take out insurance on the Rhino website by clicking this link or by calling our lovely team, who are ready and waiting to handle your every need on 0116 243 7904.

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