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The Impact of Claims History on Trade Insurance Premiums: Understanding the Key Factors

Rhino Trade Insurance 09 June 2023

Trade insurance serves as a crucial risk management tool for businesses, protecting them against potential financial losses arising from various risks associated with dangerous trade work.

One of the key factors influencing trade insurance premiums is the claims history of the insured party. Insurance companies analyse past claims made by trade businesses to assess the level of risk they pose and determine appropriate premiums. 

In this article, we will dive into the impact of claims history on trade insurance premiums, exploring how it affects costs, coverage, and the overall risk profile of businesses.

Understanding Claims History

Claims history refers to the record of insurance claims made by a trade company over a specified period. It includes the number of claims made, their frequency, and the amounts paid out by previous insurance providers. Insurance companies consider claims history a vital risk indicator when determining premiums for your firm. 

A favourable claims history reflects a lower level of risk associated with a business, while a poor claims history indicates a higher risk profile. With that said an insured party with a favourable claims history will likely receive lower premiums than a business with a higher claims frequency or severity.

Factors Influencing Trade Insurance Premiums

Claim Frequency

The frequency of claims made by a business is a significant factor in premium calculations. If a company has a history of frequent claims, it suggests a higher probability of future claims, resulting in increased premiums.

Claim Severity

The severity of claims a business makes also affects premiums. Significant and costly claims indicate potential financial risks, which insurance companies consider when calculating premiums. Higher severity claims may result in increased premiums to cover the perceived level of risk.

Claim Type

The type of claims made can influence premiums as well. Certain claim types, such as Public Liability or Professional Indemnity claims, may carry higher risks and, consequently, higher premiums. Insurance providers will evaluate the nature of claims to determine the potential impact on the business's future risks.

Loss Ratio

Insurance companies analyse a business's loss ratio, which is the ratio of claims paid out to the premiums received. A high loss ratio indicates that the business has experienced substantial losses compared to the premiums paid, which may result in increased premiums to compensate for the increased risk exposure.

Long-Term Trends

Insurers also consider the long-term claims history of a trade company. If a business has consistently high claims over an extended period, it may face challenges in obtaining favourable premiums. Conversely, a company with a positive claims history may benefit from lower premiums due to its lower risk profile.

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Reducing the Likelihood of a Claim and Mitigating the Impact of Claims History 

While claims history is an essential factor in trade insurance premium calculations, businesses can take steps to mitigate its impact:

Risk Management 

Implementing robust risk management strategies can help minimise the occurrence and severity of potential claims. This may include safety protocols, employee training, quality control measures, and regular risk assessments.

You can find out more about risk management here.

Loss Prevention: 

Businesses can focus on proactive loss prevention measures to reduce the likelihood of claims. This might involve maintaining equipment, implementing security measures, and performing routine assessments to determine and address potential risks.

Loss Control: 

In the event of a claim, companies can actively manage the situation to mitigate the impact. Promptly reporting claims, cooperating with insurers, and implementing steps to deter similar accidents in the future can positively influence future premiums.

Insurance Market Analysis: 

Regularly reviewing insurance providers and policies can help businesses find competitive premiums. Seeking quotes from multiple insurers and comparing coverage options can help identify the best-suited policies while managing costs effectively. However, the team at Rhino will be shocked if you find a better provider than us!

Learn how to best prepare for a risk/ or crisis on-site by reading our helpful blog.

Why Choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

Claims history is a significant factor influencing trade insurance premiums. Insurers rely on this historical data to assess risk and determine appropriate premium rates. Businesses with a positive claims history benefit from lower premiums, broader coverage options, and increased flexibility. Conversely, a poor claims history can lead to higher premiums, coverage restrictions, and policy exclusions.

To manage and improve claims history, trade businesses should implement robust risk management strategies, including proper loss prevention measures, diligent claims management, and ongoing risk assessment. By minimising the frequency and severity of claims, businesses can reduce insurance costs and enhance their risk profile, strengthen insurer relationships, and protect their financial well-being.

Businesses need to understand the impact of claims history on trade insurance premiums to make informed decisions when selecting cover options and managing their overall risk exposure. By working closely with insurance professionals, businesses can navigate the complexities of trade insurance and optimise their risk management strategies for long-term success.

Regularly evaluating insurance options and maintaining a positive claims history can also help trade businesses secure competitive premiums while ensuring comprehensive cover.

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