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You can cover your business as an Electrical Appliance Repairer in many ways. Every policy we offer has a multitude of benefits for the policyholder, covering them in various events and scenarios that could impact your finances significantly. At Rhino Trade Insurance, our focus is 100% on the trade industry. We have designed insurance policies for electrical contractors who hone in on Electrical Appliance Repairers.

Every trade is different, no matter if you run a national business or a local repair shop. You will face risks and hazards that could harm your livelihood when working in domestic and commercial settings. Making sure you are well-protected will ensure your business will survive if an unfortunate event takes place.


Insurance is essential for any tradesperson and is a vital part of your company. It helps to build confidence in your customers and suppliers whilst also protecting you financially. If you hope to have contracts with local governments or associations, your Electrical Appliance Repairer’s business will need to have a certain level of cover before signing on to any work. Simply put, without an adequate level of cover, certain customers won't entertain having you on their premises. 

For any electrical professionals working in more domestic settings, insurance isn't legally needed. However, you would be taking a major gamble without it. You know better than most the dangers associated with your trade, and when working on-site, risks can involve you, your clients, your staff or members of the public. Without the correct insurance, your business would be wide open to massive payouts if something went wrong. We offer various types of insurance at varying indemnity levels to ensure you are fully covered in any circumstance.



Electrical Appliance Repairers Insurance




Public liability Insurance is undoubtedly the most valuable asset your business can have. No matter how big or small your company is, any trades business needs this core cover before working on any jobs. Having a public liability policy ensures your business is protected up to £5 million and will cover situations including damage to property, injury to public members and even accidental death. You may be a long-serving professional who has never had an accident, but choosing not to insure yourself would be a major gamble that simply isn't worth it. Rhino Trade Insurance offers affordable and reliable protection for Electrical Appliance Repairers. You can easily get a price via our online insurance shop or by calling our lovely UK-based customer service team.

On a daily basis, we talk to tradespeople, which helps us to constantly achieve better policies for our customers. Our low-cost cover allows businesses to stay compliant on-site and stay protected. When signing up for a policy of ours, you can choose the right level to suit your needs. Ranging from £1 million to £5 million, electrical professionals can ensure their business is fully insured with Rhino.


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Businesses of all kinds, including limited companies and self-employed individuals, cannot afford to risk the financial impact on their company if a claim is made. No one has an endless stream of money; therefore, insurance is your best bet for protecting your livelihood. No matter if you are laying bricks or repairing electrical components, accidents, damage, and injuries happen; for these reasons, insurance has been designed. 

For Electrical Appliance Repairs, you know that your customers require a tailored approach to their job, as every appliance is different. This is how the team at Rhino approaches insurance; we create a bespoke policy that fits the needs of your business and your business alone. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to our cover. 

What's more, Rhino Trade Insurance strives to make your insurance journey as easy as possible, from the shopping and purchasing part to renewal and claims. Our customer service is second to none and has been rated five stars by thousands in the trade business. Our straightforward insurance can keep you safe from claims stemming from various situations that include:

  • Employers' Liability Insurance: For any businesses that employ staff, this insurance is a legal requirement and protects you if a member of your team is injured, causes injury or gets ill whilst on the job.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance: Businesses may offer advice and design solutions as part of their business offerings. If this is the case, you may be liable for anything that goes wrong thanks to your design work. If this is the case, this insurance will protect against any claims made. 
  • Tools in Transit Insurance: Tools allow you to do your job. Without them, you will be in a sticky situation. Tool insurance is there to protect your business if your tools are stolen, lost or damaged. 
  • Personal Accident Insurance: Electrical professionals working for themselves can worry about what will happen if they are ever injured or ill and can't work. Taking out Personal Accident Insurance will ensure you are financially protected, your salary is paid, and your business expenses are taken care of.
  • Tax Enquiry Insurance: As a business, you must take care of your taxes. If you find yourself in a situation where a tax case is opened against you, this insurance will offer advice and protection, making sure it's dealt with via tax professionals. 
  • Legal Expenses Insurance: If a case arises from work you have conducted that heads to court, this insurance will offer protection from court costs, legal defences and advice needed.


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Buying insurance shouldn't be a headache and needn't cost an arm and a leg. Rhino works extremely hard to keep our costs low. If you are looking for an affordable cover to protect your trade business from a 360 degree, choose Rhino Trade Insurance. Alongside this, we want insurance to be transparent and offer an idea of what our prices include:

We will ask a handful of questions to get an idea of the risk your trade poses to the world. We simply need to know about your turnover, employee numbers, level of cover needed, and some other basic questions. Don't forget; you can get a quote in just 60 seconds.




If you want to be protected by the best, then look further than Rhino. We aim to give you the best possible service alongside industry-leading prices. After insuring thousands of UK-based tradespeople, we have crafted our policies and fine-tuned them to fit the needs of your business. 

As we are based in the lovely city of Leicester, you can call us for a price without having to stay on hold for forever and a day. Our wonderful, UK-based team can be reached at 0116 243 7904. If you wish to check out what we offer online, head to our website here and learn everything you need about our cover.


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