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If you're an HVAC Contractor and looking for a great deal on your liability insurance, then you've come to the right place. Rhino Trade Insurance works with thousands of skilled tradespeople across the UK, helping them get the best possible coverage. 

As an expert in all things Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, your profession is imperative to your industry and needs unmatched expertise and patience. Let's spend 5 minutes exploring what you can get to protect your business.

The importance of HVAC CONTRACTOR Insurance

So you are an expert in your field. Every customer that comes to you, whether it's an individual looking for a specific job or a supplier wanting a larger project carried out, each case is unique. Because of the nature of your work, the best thing you can do is protect yourself with a rock-solid insurance policy. 

Whether you work out of your van or run a large firm, your insurance is there to protect whatever size and scope of your business. With Rhino Trade Insurance, our experts have handled a variety of self-employed individuals and companies in your sector. We know a thing or two about the cover you need and have come up with cracking pieces of cover to make sure you can focus on your customer's temperatures, air conditions and refrigeration. 

We don't want insurance to be a hassle. Get yourself covered for accidents, injury or damage now with a simple quote in under sixty seconds!


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Public Liability Insurance FOR HVAC CONTRACTORS

But what insurance do I need? We hear you. As an HVAC Contractor, once you open the doors to your business, you also open up the possibility of legal action being taken against you. You may injure a customer, supplier or third party. You could cause some type of damage to your client's property or even cause accidental death. Having public liability insurance in place covers you and your business in these unfortunate instances should the worst happen.

You shouldn't lose sleep over a situation like this; we want you to stay cool, calm and collected and focus on your job at hand. As a specialist insurance broker, our public and employers liability insurance has been designed with your specific trade in mind, so be confident that if you ever need to make a claim, Rhino has you covered.

At Rhino, we offer excellent liability cover for more than affordable prices. On average, we are up to 40% cheaper than many industry competitors. You can choose multiple levels of public liability insurance depending on your business requirements. You can take out £1 million, £2 million, or £5 million in cover if needed. 

Want to see how pleased thousands of tradesmen and women are with our cover? Check out our reviews online here.


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Why Do I Need HVAC CONTRACTOR Insurance?

Whether you work on one project at a time or employ a team of HVAC engineers, your best bet is to get HVAC Contractors' Insurance. It will keep you, and your business financially secure should something go wrong, and you need to make a claim. If you ever have to claim on your insurance, Rhino's policies are there to help you stay out of the red! 

Along with our popular Public Liability Insurance for HVAC Contractors, we also have come up with some amazing policy options to add to your core cover:

Employers' Liability Insurance

All limited companies that hire staff are required by law to hold employers' liability insurance. Even if you are a sole trader and have other manual workers working for you, having employers' liability insurance in place can be highly beneficial. If one of your employees somehow damages a client's property or injures someone, whether they are a customer, third party or public member, then your business will be covered if a claim is made. Also, if your employee themselves ever gets injured whilst on the job, the employers' liability insurance will protect you.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Another excellent insurance option for HVAC Contractors can be Professional Indemnity Insurance. What is this, you ask? PI Insurance is there to protect you if your business offers any professional design or advice as part of your services. If a customer paid you to advise them on how best to air condition their property and something goes wrong, they could seek compensation for any damages or lost money if your work results in financial loss. 

We can all make mistakes from time to time, and this insurance is there to eradicate any doubt. The policy can cover you up to £2 million and may just save your bacon if you ever find yourself having to make a claim.

Legal Expenses Insurance 

Having legal cover in place can be vital. Legal expenses insurance is a very popular policy for self-employed individuals and business owners. If you work as a Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning engineer, there may come a time when you need legal representation.  Whether you need a legal defence, guidance, assistance or help with your fees, we have the right insurance for you.

Our Legal Protection Insurance can offer to cover up to £50,000 and will save you a lot of sleepless nights if you are ever sued. Find out more from our tailored blog post here.

Personal Accident Insurance

Having cover in place should you injure yourself is commonly overlooked by the self-employed. If you work for yourself, you are bound to worry about what would happen to your finances should you get sick or have an accident and can't work. Let's imagine you break your hand skiing or catch a long-term bug.

We can offer business owners and self-employed HVAC Contractors Personal Accident Insurance. This will protect you if you get sick or injured and can't work. We provide you with a lump sum payment to pay your salary or any outstanding bills owed. 

On top of this, we also have a handful of other excellent policy options, which you can find here.


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The cost you pay for your HVAC Contractor Insurance shouldn't break the bank. Our policy prices are calculated by taking a few pieces of information from you, including your trade, the level of risk associated with your work and some other minor points. 

Depending on the level of coverage you choose will also affect your premiums. For example, if you often work with local councils, they may ask you to have a certain level of cover, which may bump up your quote.


Why Choose Rhino for your HVAC CONTRACTOR Insurance?

If all of the above hasn't convinced you to pick us, then maybe this will. We understand that working as an HVAC contractor is about attention to detail, and we don't want to hassle you with a quote process that takes forever. That's why we have ironed out our quote engine so that it's as seamless as possible and takes less than 60 seconds to give you a quote!

If that isn't enough, our super team is based right here in the UK and works six days a week. We are easy to get a hold of. You can call us on 0116 243 7904.

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