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As a Locksmith, you are a trained professional in various types of locks and openings. You'll most likely have the right expertise to open the lock, whether that's a PVCu door lock, a vehicle, padlock, or even a safe (maybe not the Bank of England vault). It's a common problem, people losing their keys, breaking a key in a lock, having general issues that require you to come and save the day! With all that said, you may be considering making sure the safety of your business is under lock and key, and that's Where Rhino Trade Insurance comes to the door. We have been supporting tradespeople and their businesses for years, providing top-notch insurance for a bargain price

The Importance of LOcksmith Insurance

Having trade insurance is vital for anyone working in the trades when protecting your business if something goes wrong. At Rhino, we have designed specialised insurance products for almost all trades in the UK, and that's to ensure that you have the right cover in place for your type of work. Whether you are interested in Public Liability Insurance, Tools Insurance, Legal Expenses Insurance or Income Protection, we have the right cover for you at the best possible price on the market. 

As a Locksmith, don't leave yourself short. Having the right insurance in place could be the key (no pun intended) to helping your business survive should you face a claim. 



Locksmith Public Liability Insurance

Having insured thousands of different trades across the UK for many years, we have our finger on the pulse to what's a popular piece of coverage and our Public Liability Insurance for Locksmith ticks that box. This is by far the most common and downright important piece of insurance you may ever buy. 

We can't enthesis this enough. It's a vital addition to any trade business. We have created this policy to keep you and your Locksmith business safe if you manage to injure a customer, client or member of the public whilst undertaking your work or if you somehow cause damage to a customer's or third parties property. Without this insurance, you could be facing a monumental compensation claim - that could (heaven forbid) force you to shut up shop.

The benefits of having this type of insurance far outweigh any negatives you can think of. And at Rhino Trade Insurance, this policy starts at just £6.07 for Locksmith's, an absolute bargain considering the level of cover it grants you. 

Although it's not a legal requirement (we are scratching our heads wondering how), you'd be best working out what level of cover your business needs and asking us for advice, we can provide cover from £1 million all the way to £5 million.


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Why Do I Need locksmith Insurance?

We, of course, will say yes, but we a somewhat biased. If you are wondering, why not take a look at the thousands of reviews showing why people took out their insurance with us? 

Having trade insurance is essential for all businesses. That's because you have a duty to protect yourself, any staff you have, members of the public and their property. What's more, many clients these days won't even invite you on-site if you don't hold the relevant insurance documents - not to mention if you sign any working contracts with local councils or partners, they will expect you to have the right level of cover in place. 

Having Locksmith Insurance will provide you with that all-important safety net should your business run into a hard time. Suppose you are called out to a job that needs the lock breaking open. Whilst doing so, the customer trips over your tools and sprains their ankle (it's a rotten evening for them). As this could be deemed your fault, you may be liable to pay compensation. With Locksmith Insurance, your back will be covered! 

We can offer you a variety of trade insurance policies. Whatever you need, we will endeavour to supply the right cover. Some of our most common forms of coverage for Locksmiths include:

Employers' Liability Insurance

Employers’ Liability Insurance is for anybody who runs a business and employs staff members. It's required by law and will protect you if an employee is injured or causes damage whilst undertaking the work you set for them. Our policies start at just £72.80 a year, a snip considering the £2,500 a day fine if you are caught without this policy. 



Tool Insurance

Tool insurance for locksmiths is a very popular cover option. As it says on the tin, it protects any pieces of equipment and tools you use for the job up to £10,000. Should you happen to lose, damage or have your vital pieces stolen, this piece of insurance gets you back on your feet quickly so that you can work your magic. Find out more here. 

Legal Expenses 

Working as a Locksmith can be challenging. You can be on-call 24 hours a day, so if anything goes wrong, you don't want to be faffing around sorting out your defence if a legal issue crops up. That's where Legal Expense Insurance for Locksmiths gets to work. It covers you financially if you have legal proceedings, jury duty or defence.

Personal Accident Insurance

For as little as £7.42 a month, as a Locksmith, you could cover yourself if you suffered some type of injury at work. Every trade comes with a certain amount of risk attached, as you a not exempt! If something goes wrong on the site and you have to stay off your feet for some time, this insurance will cover you and provide a lump sum up to £50,000. Find out more now. 

Gadget Cover

As a Locksmith, you will most likely carry several electronic devices to different jobs. Everyone has a mobile phone, but you may also bring a laptop for invoices, part info or an itinerary of your lock and key arsenal. Whatever it is, we offer comprehensive coverages for your gear up to £3000 - whether it's lost, stolen or damaged. We also provide cover for various other aspects of your job. Find out what we can do for you here. 


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How Much Does Locksmith Insurance Cost?

Not to blow our own trumpet, but having covered thousands of different tradesmen and women across the UK, we know that not every policy is the same. Many factors will go into the price you pay for your Locksmith insurance. That could be your location, the size of any contracts you have and their value. What your turnover is, as well as how many people you have working for you. We take all of this info and calculate the best possible price for your trade business. The price will reflect the level of risk that your trade comes with. What's more, depending on the level of cover, you can choose to pay for a higher premium, should you need a higher value insurance policy.



Why Choose Rhino for your Locksmith Insurance?

So, did we pick the right insurance lock for your needs? Here at Rhino Trade Insurance, we have a lovely team packed to the rafters with trade insurance knowledge - that's what we specialise in. We are based in the UK and offer you quick and easy quotes tailored for your business at the best possible price on the market. So what are you waiting for? Get your Locksmith Insurance sorted now, give us a call on 0116 243 7904 or get a quote in less than 60 seconds.

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