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For those heroes among us who work in the paving industry, we salute you. What a challenging trade it is, the hard work, the heavy lifting and the amazing end product! It takes a certain dedication to be a Paving Contractor.

Rhino Trade Insurance has been working hand in hand with Paving professionals for years, protecting them with the best possible trade insurance up and down the country. But what is Paving Contractors Insurance? Do you need it? Will it benefit you? And more to the point, what will it cost?

The importance of PAVING CONTRACTORS insurance

Tradesman insurance is a valuable piece of kit, no matter what your trade is. However, as a Paving Contractor, it will come in real handy should anything ever go wrong on the job. We don't need to tell you that your job has certain risks attached; you are working with tools and machinery daily. Added to that, you work with members of the public and with heavy materials, so injury could always be one step away. 

Here at Rhino Trade Insurance, we have spent our time coming up with the best possible insurance policies for Paving Contractors. Our expert insurance team have gone through every fine detail, so you don't have to, resulting in tailored insurance policies dedicated to your trade at 40% less than the closest industry competitors in some cases.


Paving Contractors Insurance




Public Liability Insurance for PAVING CONTRACTORS

Public Liability Insurance is the bare necessity for getting yourself covered. Any self-employed tradesperson without this insurance is running the risk of financial ruin should a compensation claim come through their letterbox. In the Paving game, you could be laying a new path for a customer, redoing their driveway or patio, or local councils could even contract you to remodel a public pathway. 

With all of these scenarios, you could (by total accident) cause an accident, injury or damage, which you would be held responsible for. That's where your Public Liability Insurance would come in. It protects you in case you cause damage to a customer's property, injure them or a third party… Or, in a worst-case scenario, cause accidental death. 

Here are some of the main details you should know about our policy:

  • Rhino's protection starts at just £6.07 a month! 
  • You can cover your business from £1 million to £5 million.
  • We have a standard excess in place of just £500. That's for any liability claim made (except for a claim that is caused by the use of heat).
  • Just like a subscription service, we offer monthly payments that are also interest-free! 
  • You have instant access to all documents and certificates via your online account once you sign up. You'll also have them through email.


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It's like asking why I need chips with my fish. It just wouldn't be right if you, as a self-employed tradesperson, went out into the world uninsured. You are putting yourself, your family and third parties at risk. It's not to say that you are a bad Paving Contractor; it's more from a sensible standpoint. Having trade insurance will keep your business safe in any outcome. You also show potential customers that you mean business and can back yourself up in case something goes wrong. 

All businesses in the UK are responsible for the work they carry out. They also must provide a general duty of care for people and their property. Trade Insurance for Paving Contractors is a safety blanket if something kicks off. It's your fire extinguisher in case a blaze lights up. 

At Rhino, we offer various types of insurance for Paving Contractors, all of which have been tailored to your exact trade. We have insured and spoken to various paving specialists across the UK to understand what it is they need in cover. The most common types of insurance are:

  • Public Liability Insurance: Damage caused? Injured a customer? Killed them by accident (yikes) - PL is the one for this situation. 
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance: Design advice given? Customer complaining that it's dodgy advice? PI will cover you for this. 
  • Contractors' All Risks Insurance: Working in construction and have significant contracts and massive machinery? - CARS is your best friend here. 
  • Legal Expenses Insurance: Legal trouble and need defence? We have your back.
  • Tools in Transit Insurance: Does your world revolve around your tools? Tool Insurance will help you sleep easy at night. 
  • Gadget & Mobile Phone Insurance: Need to cover your brand spanking new iPhone or Laptop? This will protect you.
  • Tax Enquiry Insurance: That blooming taxman knocking on your door?
  • Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance: Sick or injured from work and need time off without pay? - Continue getting paid.


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How Much Does PAVING CONTRACTOR Insurance Cost?

There are a handful of factors that will go into pricing your personalised quote. We want you to know that trade insurance shouldn't cost you a fortune; that's why we've done everything possible to get the best prices available for our Paving Contractor friends. Don't believe us? Check out our thousands of online reviews from happy tradesmen and women. 

For a quick insight, we would need to know your business's turnover. This is an important factor in measuring the risk associated with your work. We would also need to know what trade you work in, the number of people you have working for you, and various other details depending on what you want insuring. For example, having receipts is necessary to insure your tools. 

We don't do this to be nosey. We just need to make sure you are getting the correct level of cover for the work you are undertaking.



Why Choose Rhino for your PAVING CONTRACTOR Insurance?

Why Rhino, we hear you say? Well, if we haven't persuaded you yet, maybe this will put the icing on the cake. We are based right here in the UK. That's right. Our outstanding insurance team is in the beautiful city of Leicester, so if you ever need to get hold of us, we are right on your doorstep, ready to help. 

What's more, we built fantastic technology so that you don't have to waste your time trawling through comparison websites. We will give you a quote in less than 60 seconds. And at up to 40% cheaper, what are you waiting for? Get in touch now.

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