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As a Security Gate & Driveway Installer, you can safeguard your business in a number of ways. All of our policies at Rhino Trade Insurance can benefit the policyholder in various scenarios that can potentially have a notable financial effect on your business. Rhino Trade Insurance focuses entirely on the trade industry and offers customised insurance policies for security and driveway trade contractors.

There are risks associated with every business, regardless of whether it is a large corporation or a one-person band that works from home or commercial space. In the unfortunate event that something goes wrong, having protection in place for both you and your business is not only good business practice, but it can also mean the difference between a successful business and one of financial instability.

The importance of Security Gate & Driveway Installers Insurance

A vital element of your business is having insurance. It will not only help protect you financially, but it will also help others feel assured when deciding whether to use your expertise. Consider the scenario where a local council wants to use your Security Gate & Driveway Installers company to install a secure perimeter for one of their council facilities. They wouldn't consider working with a business that doesn't have adequate insurance. It would be too dangerous for them to have a tradesperson working in an unorthodox fashion.

For commercial agreements, having the correct insurance is usually required as a prerequisite. However, for jobs where it isn't necessary, avoiding insurance puts you at considerable risk if anything goes wrong. Your line of work comes with hazards, whether they affect you personally, any employees you have, or your clients. Without adequate insurance, your income could freeze if you sustain an injury and cannot work. Alternatively, if you don't have sufficient insurance, you could be held accountable for significant payouts if you damage a customer's property, whether by accident or otherwise.



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Public Liability Insurance FOR Security Gate & Driveway Installers

Any business, large or small, will profit from having public liability insurance. This policy should be purchased prior to starting any work in the trades. In the event of accidental injury or death to a public member or damage to third-party property while at work, this cover protects up to £5 million. Even though these numbers sound gigantic, operating without adequate protection would be a huge risk. Rhino provides competitive Public Liability Insurance for Security Gate & Driveway Installers via our intuitive online website or our pleasant customer service team in the UK.

All our policies are bespoke to meet the necessities of our customers. Our understanding of each individual tradesperson's need stems from various daily discussions with professionals that use the policies. As a result, we provide a tailormade level of protection at affordable premiums so that you can operate lawfully and feel secure in the knowledge that you are safe. Our policies cover security gate and driveway installers from £1 million, £2 million and £5 million, which is a lot of risk to leave unprotected!


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Why Do I Need Security Gate & Driveway Installers Insurance?

You know better than anyone else that customers want a customised design because you work with security gates, alarms, and driveways. This is how we approach security gate and driveway installer insurance. We ensure that every policy you purchase is suitable for your trade and designed with your business in mind.

Rhino Trade Insurance's purpose is to make picking and purchasing business insurance as simple and easy as possible. As insurance is essential to any business, you should ensure you have a comprehensive policy that protects you in various situations. If you're too ill to work, do you want cover that will pay you? We have your back. Do you want to be safe from tool theft? We got you covered. Employ staff and require insurance to safeguard against their errors. Rhino has protection for this and much more.

  • Employers' Liability Insurance: You will be covered if a member of your staff becomes ill or injured due to the work carried out for you.
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance: Driveways and security gates require careful planning. If you provide professional design or advice, this policy will take care of the financials if something goes wrong and your customer loses money.
  • Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance: If you are a self-employed professional who became ill or injured and could not work, what would happen to you? This insurance will cover your financial needs if you cannot work or earn a living.
  • Legal Expenses Insurance: Do you require assistance with your legal defence, costs, or assistance in court? This insurance ensures you are protected.
  • Tools in Transit Insurance: Tradespeople are defined by their tools - they are an extension of them. This insurance will cover your equipment if they are stolen, damaged, or lost.
  • Tax Enquiry Insurance: As a business owner, you will be responsible for handling your own finances and taxes. Everybody has the potential to make a mistake and run into trouble with our taxes. This insurance is there to assist you in that situation.


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How Much Does Security Gate & Driveway Installers Insurance COST?

You shouldn't feel like you've been ripped off by the cost of your insurance! At Rhino, we put a lot of effort into keeping our prices as low as possible so that no one has to pay a King's ransom. As a Security Gate & Driveway Installer, your work will involve certain risks that necessitate a certain level of insurance, which we can quickly provide at an excellent price.

When tailoring a quote for you, we provide a price based on the risks posed by your trade and a few other minor details. Since limited companies that employ additional staff are legally required to hold Employers' Liability Insurance, we require information about your company's turnover as well as a basic set of questions. Oh, and don't worry, we will only keep you a few minutes.



Why Choose Rhino for your Security Gate & Driveway Installers Insurance?

You want to be protected by the best as a Security Gate & Driveway professional, and Rhino strives to provide you with the best coverage at prices that are unmatched in the industry. We have thousands of tradespeople across the UK who have purchased tailored insurance from Rhino and continue to use the company year after year. Take a look at just a few of the thousands of reviews we have to support our claims.

As well as being based in the lovely city of Leicester and the fact that we have a real persona behind our brand gives you the cherry on top for reasons to think about getting insurance from us. With our pioneering technology, you won't have to enter every last detail about your business to get a quote. We want to get you covered and back on the tools as quickly as possible.

So don't leave it any longer! Give Rhino a call on 0116 243 7904 or visit our website for a quote today.


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