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Free Rhino Trade Insurance Badge

At Rhino we want to ensure that you are proud to be covered by us and are able to show prospective clients and customers that you have protection in place. By displaying a Rhino Trade Insurance badge you are showing that if the worst happens, you are covered. Customers want to know that your service is safe and secure as well as compliant. One way that we want to be able to help with this is by giving you a free Insurance Badge, to show them that you are ‘Insured by Rhino Trade Insurance’.

You can download this badge for free to use on your website or in your email footer when sending quotes out to clients. So if a potential customer is shopping around for quotes or visiting competitors’ websites, you can show that you have done your due diligence and have got your businesses covered.

Insured By Rhino

How to add the badge to your website

If you run your own website

1. Copy the following code:

<a href=””><img src=”” border=”0”></a>

2. Paste it into your website's source code (it's best to place this where customers will see it, e.g toward the top of your homepage or in your footer)


1. Download the badge using the button below

Download Badge

2. Paste the badge into your page


If someone else runs your website

Either link them to this page or send over the code above or download the badge and send it over to them.

How to add the badge to your email signature

1. Download the badge using the button above or right click and save the image above

2. For Microsoft Outlook users, go to File > Options > Mail > Signatures

3. Select the signature that you want to edit and paste in the badge that you downloaded or saved in Step 1


More help for Microsoft Outlook is available here

For Gmail users, follow the steps listed here

For Apple mail users, follow the steps listed here

Terms and Conditions

Note that there are a couple of small terms and conditions of using a Rhino Trade Insurance badge that we want you to be aware of.

  • This badge should only be utilised by customers that have taken out insurance with Rhino Trade Insurance
  • This badge is only relevant to customers with live policies with Rhino Trade Insurance
  • Having this badge does not provide proof of cover. If your policy lapses or is cancelled then it is your responsibility to renew or reinstate your insurance with Rhino Trade Insurance
  • Please make a note as a disclaimer. Rhino Trade Insurance accepts no responsibility for any issues with your website relating to implementation of the ‘Insured by Rhino’ badge.

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