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Gadget Insurance

From £60.00 /Year or £5.00 /Month


Gadget insurance covers the cost of replacing or repairing your portable electronic devices if they are damaged, lost, stolen or broken down. 

We all rely on our gadgets every single day, and if you’re a tradesperson, that’s especially true. How would you book jobs and communicate with customers, suppliers, workmates or even your accountant without your mobile phone, laptop, tablet or PDA? 

Face it, your business can’t function for long without your electronics. Why is why gadget insurance will save the day if something happens to them.

The cover-all single Policy from Rhino Trade Insurance can be used to insure all of the gadgets you rely on, giving you the protection you need all in one place.

For example, if your mobile phone falls into the cement mixer, gadget insurance will cover the cost of the phone’s repair or replacement. If your laptop gets dropped from a height and shatters, gadget insurance will be there to pick up the pieces, financially speaking. If your camera is stolen, your e-reader goes missing, your tablet is trashed or pretty much any other portable electronic device gets lost, stolen or damaged – gadget insurance will be there to make sure you don’t bear the financial hit.


  • Insure all your gadgets in one place – one policy makes it simple
  • Insure gadgets from a value of £500 up to £3,000
  • Monthly or annual payment options – interest-free
  • Premiums starting at just £5 per month
  • Instant cover with documents immediately


You can cover gadgets up to a maximum value of £3,000 and a maximum number of claims in any Policy Period of two, in respect of the following:

  • Accidental damage – the cost of repairing or replacing your gadget if it is damaged as a result of an accident.
  • Mobile phone loss – the cost of replacing your mobile phone if you accidentally and unintentionally lose it permanently. 
  • Breakdown – if your gadget suffers electrical breakdown outside of the manufacturers guarantee period then the Policy will cover the cost of repair.
  • Liquid damage – the cost of replacing or repairing your gadget if it is damaged as a result of coming into contact with liquid.
  • Fraudulent call cover – if your mobile phone is accidentally lost or stolen and used fraudulently, then the policy will re-imburse costs incurred as a consequence up to £2,500.
  • Theft – the cost of a replacement covered if your gadget is stolen, so long as necessary precautions had been taken to prevent theft (such as leaving your gadgets in a locked boot or in your home). 
  • Malicious damage - if your gadget is intentionally or deliberately damaged due to the deliberate actions of another party (not including your immediate family), we will repair it.

Please refer to the Policy Wording and Insurance Product Information Document (IPID) for the full terms and conditions.


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What types of devices can be covered by gadget insurance?

Unlike the generations of tradespeople who came before you, you’re lucky enough to be able to use various electronic gadgets to make your job more streamlined. 

But it stands to reason that the more gadgets you have, the more likely you’ll experience loss or damage. 

Luckily, Rhino covers the following gadgets under our single policy: 

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets 
  • Laptops 
  • e-readers 
  • Cameras
  • Other portable electronic devices

Not sure if your gadget will be covered by Rhino? We bet it will, but why not give us a quick call on 0116 243 7904 to double-check.


Can I get gadget mobile insurance for devices that are no longer under warranty?

Your gadget doesn’t need to still be under the manufacturer’s warranty but must be no more than 36 months old when you take out your gadget insurance policy with Rhino trade Insurance. 

Remember, you’ll have to show us proof of ownership of your gadget, so dig out that receipt (an e-receipt is fine, for example, if you bought the item online). If your gadget is a mobile phone, you can show us confirmation from your Network Provider that the phone has been used by you.


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If someone else lost or damaged my item, can I still claim?

Yes, your gadget doesn’t need to have been with you if it was lost, damaged or stolen. However, the gadget would have to be in the care of an immediate family member (someone you’re closely related to, who lives with you).

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How do I make a claim on my gadget insurance policy?

With Rhino it’s simple. In just a few steps, you will have submitted your claim and can relax.


Step 1 - Let us know

First, you must let us know as soon as possible – ideally within 48 hours of the discovery of an incident which is likely to lead to a claim. (For example, a theft or accident). You will need to provide us with your policy number from your Policy Wording Certificate, details of the claim and any other contract, guarantee, warranty or insurance that may apply to the loss (for example, household insurance).


Step 2 - Let your network provider know 

You must also report the theft or accidental loss of any mobile phone or theft of any tablet within 24 hours of discovery to your airtime provider and blacklist your handset/tablet.


Step 3 - Let the Police know (if applicable) 

If relevant, you should report the theft or accidental loss of your gadget to the Police within 48 hours of discovery and obtain a crime reference number.


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Are there any exclusions or limitations to gadget insurance coverage?

Just like with any insurance policy, there are exclusions and limitations to what Rhino’s outstanding gadget insurance covers. These are mostly common sense but always read your policy documents carefully to check what you’re covered for. 

For example, you can’t insure gadgets you bought while you were out of the country. They must have been purchased inside the British Isles – known as the ‘territorial limit’ of the policy. You can, however, make a claim if the incident occurred abroad, so long as you do it within 48 of returning to the UK.

You can’t claim for gadgets which have been lost, damaged or stolen while you weren’t taking necessary precautions. This means that if they were left on your car windscreen in full display, you can’t claim for them if they get stolen. If they’re safely tucked inside your glove compartment or locked away out of sight, you’re covered.

For full terms and conditions, you should check our Policy Wording document. If you’ve already taken out your policy, full details will also be found on your Schedule of Insurance document that we will have sent you when you took out your cover.


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Is there an excess to pay?

Like with all insurance policies, Rhino’s gadget insurance comes with an excess due if you need to make a claim. If you’ve been searching for gadget insurance quotes, we think you’ll agree our excess payments are some of the lowest around.

  • If your claim is for a gadget up to the value of £250 (when new), the excess fee is £25 for any claim. 
  • If your claim is for a gadget between the values of £251 - £999 (when new), the excess fee is £50 for any claim. 
  • If your claim is for a gadget over the value of £999 (when new), the excess fee is £75 for any claim.
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