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Keeping Your Tools Safe

by User Not Found | Apr 20, 2017

The use of tools has set the human species apart for millions of years and has snowballed our evolution into the modern age of computers, motorised vehicles, and skyscrapers. It is only relatively recent that other members of the ape family have been discovered using tools as well.

In today's tradesman industry, besides the skills and knowledge required to do the job, tools are the most important element to run the business, whether you're an electrician, builder, or carpetfitter, so keeping your tools safe is not just a case of protecting your tools, but safeguarding your business.

Tools in Transit Insurance provides cover for your tools, whether they are damaged or lost when being loaded or unloaded from your vehicle, so if you regularly carry tools in your vehicle and rely on them to earn an income, this policy is perfect for you.

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