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Joel Clyne 17 July 2020


"Face of a bricklayer, voice of an angel" reads the top comment on YouTube for the bands cover of Cher's Believe. So then brickies, are you arguing with that?!

Ok, well it was released last week but releases this year have been abysmal so I'm going with it.

The band, from Sydney, have picked up a cult following over in the UK and have been compared to Oasis and The Stone Roses. They even supported Liam Gallagher on tour so if that's your bag then I'm sure you'll like this.

The Glow is the bands third release and has been generally well received by critics. Lead single 'Silver' was released towards the back end of last year, making many end of the year lists and is a great starting point if you're new to the band.

Standout tracks: Silver, Hello Girlfriend and The Glow

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