Rhino’s Friday Viral Volume 2

by Joel Clyne | 21 August 2020

Right tradesmen, it’s Friday. It’s midday. I’m ready to clock off and head for a pint but first, here’s the Friday Viral rundown.

We know that you are all busy working hard on site or in people’s homes, so thought we’d scour the internet high (my social media screen time) and low (my Twitter likes) to compile this comprehensive list of what’s really got us chuckling this week.

As much as we love talking about all things trade insurance here at Rhino, there are moments of levity (if you can believe it), and where better to start than an old boy being called out on his internet search history and the instant realisation of his wife being told? Well here, you go… Just don’t tell your nan.


A chaotic turn of events


Ever heard the one about the shark being possessed by an owl?


When are Tesla bringing out a van I hear you cry…


Ronnie O’Sullivan. Not a fan of the younger generation of snooker players.


Also, not a fan of press conferences.

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