Test Yourself before you Wreck Yourself – MOT Exemption Comes to an End

by Joel Clyne | 28 August 2020

As tradesmen now emerge out of lockdown and throw themselves back into the world of work, it is easy to forget the things that once came second nature to us. Putting on underwear, holding a spanner, and oh yes, renewing your MOT.

MOT Exemption

MOT exemption ended on 1st August and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles have urged 1.2 million van drivers who missed their MOT during lockdown to get their vehicles tested.

The exemption period was put in place between 30th March and 31st July and automatically extended MOT certificates due to expire in that period for six months. The move was deemed necessary due to the nationwide lockdown.

That period expired at the beginning of the month and it’s believed that of those 1.2 million vans on the road, a third of those are likely to require critical maintenance work.

If you were one of those who had their MOT postponed due to COVID-19, we’d say it is about time you give your local garage a call and get yourself booked in.

mot exemption

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