Rhino’s Friday Viral Volume 3

by Joel Clyne | 29 August 2020

It’s that time again and what a way to set you up for a bumper bank holiday than a bit of Rhino’s Friday Viral. Now I know that you all want to read about Rhino’s low cost trade insurance deals, we know you are interested in the fact that Rhino doesn’t charge interest on monthly insurance payments, but hey, it’s our Friday too, and we want to share with you what made our sides split this week on the weird wide world of the internet.

I hope you wished everybody you saw on Tuesday a Happy Ben Stokes Day to celebrate a year since one of the greatest innings in test cricket history.

Even if cricket is not your thing, there’s still something here for you. Just flick through to 5:04 and rejoice at the sight of a truly humbled Aussie!


“You can’t beat a £2 B&M bargain.” And not a truer word has been said.


Spare a thought for this Everton fan as well.


I don’t know how to explain it. Just watch!


And what were you doing when you were in pre-school? Sticking playdo your nose and straws out your ears? Well check out kindergarten in China.


Got any videos you’ve seen online this week that you’d like to share? (And no not that kind of video..) Feel free to contact us on our socials and we’ll give you a shout out!

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