Rhino’s Friday Viral Volume 5

by Joel Clyne | 11 September 2020

Ever seen an alligator high five a turtle? Been tempted to buy a rug that looks like a steak bake? Or wondered what would happen if you jumped on the back of an ostrich?

Well, we’re back with the weekly roundup of the best the internet has to offer and all of the above, features below. Enjoy!

Bravery and stupidity are quite closely linked. I’m going with the latter here…


There are two types of people in this world. Which are you?!


Ah yeah, that should put a stop to doorstep theft.


You must really love Greggs to have that in your living room


Ever had to tell a little porky to stay out with the boys!?


And this is probably part of the conversation in the morning!


Nice to see us and the ‘rona on the same page!


Nature, man!


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