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How do yesterday’s second wave restrictions announcements affect you?

Joel Clyne 23 September 2020

Tradespeople across the country will be keen to know how the Government’s most recent announcement on second wave Covid-19 restrictions will affect them. We have compiled a list of the impact of these second wave restrictions.


Construction sites remain open

As with the first lockdown back in March, construction workers will still be able to work on site.

The Prime Minister stated the following referring to this: “In key public services and in all professions where home working is not possible such as construction or retail people should continue to attend their workplaces.”

Some relief given the issues the industry has faced in 2020. On the flip side, construction firms’ offices will be asked to close with staff again working from home, where possible.


second wave construction site


Rule of six for the trades

The ‘rule of six’ brought in from 14th September 2020, which has confused so many, does not affect working or educational situations - with both being exempt from the rule.

The law prohibits social gatherings of more than six people but, fortunately for tradesmen and women, working in or on your customers property is exempt. The good news is, you can work comfortably without the fear of being fined.


Face Masks

Laws on face masks became stricter as well. Whilst construction sites aren’t specifically mentioned, the government states that “You should also wear a face covering in indoor places not listed here where social distancing may be difficult and where you will come into contact with people you do not normally meet.”

So, if you are working in a customer’s house, the government asks that you wear a face mask.



One glimmer of hope, if you have previously been on the government’s furlough scheme, is that the Prime Minister did not rule out extending it.

This comes alongside this Guardian report that chancellor, Rishi Sunak, is considering replacing the furlough scheme with “German-style wage subsidies” which should be announced towards the end of this week.


Covid-19 has undoubtably been a challenging time for us all, and our thoughts and best wishes are with those who have lost loved ones as a result of this pandemic. It also cannot be dismissed that the lockdown and its effects have been nothing short of a catastrophe for small businesses, the self-employed, and tradesmen nationwide. We strive to do everything we can to keep trades people across the country informed as well as insured and compliant.

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