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Rhino's Friday Viral Volume 8

Joel Clyne 01 October 2020

I don’t know about you but I was just getting my head around the fact that we’re in September and now October’s here! The weeks are flying by, I tell you!

Anyway, we’re back again with another roundup of everything that’s made us laugh this week on the internet. Check it out!

The Inbetweeners first aired over 12 years ago. Feel old yet? Well it still plays a big part in British culture. From bus wankers to bollocks hanging out of shorts, The Inbetweeners continues to play a huge part in British culture. Check out these guys dancing like every 17 year old in Magaluf!

Harry Potter and the Pennine Exprress

Get your head around this piece of awesomeness!

Wine o’clock

I spent far too long laughing at this

When Attenborough goes, replace him with Danny Dyer

That’s a red card ref

And that’s a ten game ban


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