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Trade Tool Giveaways – Q&A - Rhino Trade Insurance

Troy Stevens 29 October 2020

Tradespeople across the country are working hard to maintain their businesses and satisfy customers, all whilst making up for time lost during the CV-19 lockdown. Throughout this period Rhino have noticed numerous providers out there doing their bit to assist tradespeople in getting their businesses back up and running.

Trade Tool Giveaways offer fantastic prizes to tradespeople and are also hoping to help tradesmen get back on track with their businesses.

We speak with Andy, owner of Trade Tool Giveaways who gives us insight into what the Trade Tool Giveaway team are up to, and how tradespeople can benefit from getting involved.


Trade Tool Giveaways Q & A

Q: Great to speak to you Andy, to start things off, when did you start Trade Tool Giveaways?

A: We started back in May 2020, during the peak of lockdown!

Q: What inspired you to start Trade Tool Giveaways?

A: I saw this as a unique way of supplying tradesmen with the latest and best power tools on the market, at a fraction of the cost they would be paying elsewhere.

Q: What type of response have you had from the trade community?

A: All trades people know how expensive power tools can be, and all of our customers appreciate the fact that they can take all of the latest tools at a fraction of the cost; helping them spend and invest in other areas of their business. There of course is the fun side of things, and people look forward to hearing their name called out as a winner. Everyone loves prizes!

Q: What has surprised you about the success of Trade Tool Giveaways?

A: We are the biggest power tool competition site in the UK with a huge social media following. From day one we have never struggled to sell out a competition and we are proud to advertise the fact that we do not extend draw dates with our competitions.

Q: So, for those who aren’t yet aware, how does it work?

A: How it works is that a customer will follow us via social media (Instagram/Facebook) or they can then register for free on our website and enter whichever competitions they choose. 

Q: What prizes have you given away?

A: We have given away so much over the past few months! We have given away a van with £1000 of power tools, and then every week we have given out thousands of pounds worth of power tools every Sunday. In just under five months we have given away just over £60,000 worth of prizes!

Q: What other benefits are there to being a Trade Tool Giveaways member?

A: We recently made our first donation to Cancer Research UK via a competition where all proceeds were given to charity, so we hope that this is a great addition alongside the prizes we currently give customers. We also offer promotional codes through ITS Tools, so we are all about helping everybody achieve more and save on their Tools. Thanks to our partnership with you guys at Rhino Trade Insurance we are now offering our members great rates on their business insurances, so we hope that tradespeople see a massive benefit in getting involved with Trade Tools Giveaways.

Q: Where do you see Trade Tool Giveaways going from here?

A: We will continue to grow and become a UK recognised power tool competition site where we exist to help all tradesmen and women succeed in their line of work. We will achieve this via competitions, discounts, and any other support that we can possibly give. I see the future of trade tool giveaways being at Power Tool events across the UK and exhibition shows where I anticipate us to have a stand to make more people aware of who we are and what we are.

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