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Test Tube Butties

Troy Stevens 15 January 2021

Now I don’t know about you, but whether you’re working on site, in an office, on the tools or in your van; in my opinion, there is no better creation on this Earth than a bacon butty. Okay maybe a McMuffin. Perhaps a sausage sarnie… Basically, anything fried, hot, dripping with brown sauce and yes, unfortunately, dead.

Tradesmen young and old have led the way in bacon butty consumption for decades, and with a rise in ‘plant based’ and ‘veggie’ foods, the carnivorous tendencies of the UK’s workforce is under threat of change.


That was until I saw an article on the BBC last week which detailed how Singapore granted a license to “clean meat” company Eat Just to sell their version of chicken nuggets to the public.

The concept of clean meat is to (yes you read this right) grow meat in a lab. How it works is that you take a single cell from an animal and then develop it into meat as we know it by providing the exact environment it needs to grow.

Essentially, no animal is hurt in the process of making the meats they produce. A win for you meat eaters, and a win for animal lovers round the world.

It’s one of those things that seems a little too good to be true. You still get the food that you want, the animal doesn’t suffer, and the impact it has on the environment is greatly reduced too.

So there you have it, soon you and the lads may find yourself tucking into test tube butties on your way to work, or being handed lab grown sausage sarnies on site – Guilt free, not meat free.

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