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Gas & Heating Engineers – We’re Here to Help

Joel Clyne 14 April 2021

With more and more Gas Engineers going self-employed, we at Rhino want to remind you that although you might feel like you’re flying solo, you are not alone. We offer a range of gas engineers insurance to protect your business.

Rhino supports thousands of self-employed Gas Engineers across the UK, offering support and assurance that if your work should ever cause damage or injury to your clients and customers, your business is safe and your work shouldn’t stop.

Many plumbers and heating engineers may be finding themselves having to go it alone after decades in the industry, and we at Rhino want to assure you that although going self-employed can seem daunting at first, you are joining a massive industry of thriving and successful professionals.

We offer Public Liability Insurance designed specifically with Heating Engineers in mind, and our low-cost premiums and fantastic industry reputation serve as a testament to our belief in such a diverse and exciting industry.

We can provide self-employed tradespeople with almost any type of business insurance, from Tools Insurance to Accident & Sickness cover. We work with all trades of all types and believe that people in your profession deserve an insurance company that keeps your business’ interests and bottom line in mind.

As well as offering cheap insurance for plumbers and heating engineers, we partner with one of the largest networks of Gas Fitters and Heating Engineers in the country, Gas App UK. Gas App provide thousands of manuals and offer an entire toolbox of information and services in one handy mobile application. Did we also mention that it is free? Whether you have a question about a 10-year-old boiler, or simply want to share an example of a job well done, Gas App offers a massive community for heating engineers going it alone.

So if you’re going it alone and have any questions, from why do I need Public Liability Insurance to how much does tools insurance cost? Feel free to call a member of our team today or drop us a message on WhatsApp if it's easier. We have a 5-star rated service and offer some of the best rates we’ve found on the market.

Plumbers, Gas Fitters and Heating Engineers, we are here to help!

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