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Why does the Super League matter so much?

Joel Clyne 21 April 2021

Here at Rhino, we do not often want to weigh in on current affairs, but this whole Super League nonsense has really rubbed us (and pretty much everyone else who doesn’t live in a mansion in America) up the wrong way.

Before I go on, you must applaud these billionaires in a way. I mean, it’s impressive really. They have successfully come up with an idea so nauseating that it's managed to unite a football loving country that's been at each other’s throats for over a hundred years.

Here we are. Spurs fans, United fans, Ipswich fans. A nation united.

If you are not aware of what I am talking about by the way, here's a video of James Corden explaining it all. Take it away Smithy...!

You’ll be happy to hear that this so called ‘Super’ league has now been disbanded. Turns out that justifying an entire league of some of the highest earning football clubs in the world is dependent on people bothering to watch it.

Customer loyalty

So, does this really matter? And why of all businesses is Rhino Trade Insurance talking about it?

Well, I think that it's because this isn't just solely about football. It's about people, it’s about understanding your customer, and it's about loyalty. Factors that aren’t just imperative to us here at Rhino, but to any business working in the best interest of their customers.

We started Rhino Trade Insurance as a way of cutting through the noise and confusion of the insurance industry. Honest hard working trades people were dreading their insurance renewal date, fearing massive increases in premiums, or having to spend an hour haggling over the phone with a faceless call centre. We didn’t like that, and instead vowed to make purchasing or renewing your insurance as easy and simple as possible.

Our customer interaction is key in maintaining our 5-Star level of service and our easy to navigate online insurance shop is vital in making the purchase process swift and seamless. Whether you’re looking for cheap Public Liability Insurance or need Tools Cover for your van, we have worked hard to make this as easy and cost-effective as we can, our customer’s feedback being at the heart of every decision we make.

You see, we're proud to insure you. We are proud to offer a service that you like and rate to your industry. Knowing that you not only approve but rave about the service we provide is one of the most rewarding aspects of our jobs. And that is something that we will always strive to maintain.

We will not sell you short, no matter how much we want that mansion in America.

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