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The Most Common Tradesman Insurance Claims

Rhino Trade Insurance 10 May 2021

Being in the Tradesman Insurance business, dealing with claims is part of our day to day job. Nevertheless, some types of claims are more frequent than others, so we've listed some of the most common to give you an idea of what to consider for yourself. Whether you're a newly launched business or have been trading for decades, this information should be handy when considering which insurances you might need.

There are lots of reasons why you might need to make a claim, so it's essential to understand all the insurance options available. Mistakes can be made, either by yourself or an employee and having the right insurance in place means your business is protected at all times.

Injury to Employees

Even with all the best safety measures in place, tradesmen experience accidents at work. The use of tools, equipment and site hazards mean that the dangers for tradesmen are greater than in many other occupations. Unfortunately, injury to employees is one of the more common claims we hear about, whether minor or a more serious accident.

As an employer, you're legally required to have Employers' Liability Insurance in place. If you don't already, this is something you need to act on immediately or risk severe legal and financial complications for your business. If an employee is injured at work and a claim is made against you, Employers' Liability Insurance will cover the costs incurred. 

Injury to Public

Again, the nature of working in the trades increases the risk of injury, which can affect people outside your business. Accidents involving third parties often occur, which sometimes lead to compensation claims or worse. Not all claims are for serious injuries; even a slip or trip could end up threatening your livelihood if you're not protected.

Public Liability Insurance will cover your business if a third party wishes to make a claim against you, such as a customer or another contractor. If you're dealing with the public, we'd certainly recommend this kind of insurance.

Property Damage

You could be a builder working on a client's property that is damaged as a result of the job you're carrying out, or perhaps an employee has damaged property you own. Damage to property is a familiar type of claim for our team.

Depending on the circumstances, you'll need to have Employers' or Public Liability cover in place. Both of these tradesman insurances are critical to ensure your business is protected from many different claims.

Tool Theft

We recently shared an article on how to keep your tools safe - and for a good reason! Tool theft has been on the rise for a number of years and one of the most common claims we come across. More than half of builders in the UK have had their tools stolen, highlighting how frequently this happens.

There are several ways to reduce the chances of becoming a victim of tool theft. However, to mitigate the financial risk to your business, we offer tools insurance to cover repair or replacement costs.

Vehicle Incidents

You wouldn't believe how many of our existing customers have spoken to us about incidents involving their van. We've heard so many that we have recently formed a partnership with to provide our customers with preferential rates on van insurance. As you might expect, claims needing breakdown assistance or being involved in a collision are the most common.

Being without a vehicle could seriously impact your ability to work, as well as the financial implications of repair or damage. We recommend taking a look at the reasons why you should choose us for your van insurance.

Our team are proud to offer some of the most competitive rates for tradesman insurance you can find! We work with tradesmen up and down the UK to ensure they have the right cover in place. If you'd like to learn more about the insurances we have available, please give us a call on 0116 243 7904.

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