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Are you Getting Good Value from your Public Liability Insurance Provider?

Troy Stevens 21 May 2021

Switching insurance providers, like switching banks, accountants and even broadband providers can often seem like more trouble than it is worth. Would it really save me money? Will it really save me time and effort in the long run? The answer to this is simply, yes, if you make the switch for the right reasons.

Having the right insurance in place for your business is a positive way of reinforcing your financial position, and regardless of whether you are insuring your tools or your mobile phone, having insurance acts as a financial safety net should you and your business suffer. With this in mind, choosing the right insurance provider is vital in ensuring that you and your business have the right levels of cover in place protecting your business and the work that you carry out.

Public Liability Insurance for tradespeople is a business necessity and the most common form of tradesman insurance. Covering accidental damage to third party property as well as injury or death to members of the public, the insurance covers the liabilities your business may incur as a result of a claim being made against you. The importance of public liability insurance cannot be understated, and anyone in the trades operating on a self-employed basis should have at least the minimum limit of liability required in place for their line of work.

Now we understand the importance of having public liability insurance in place, it’s important to choose an insurance provider that is offering good value. Whether you're a builder or a gardener, deciding on what insurance to buy often comes down to price and getting good value from your insurance provider should be important year after year. At Rhino Trade Insurance we work hard with our underwriters to achieve low renewal rates for our customers as well as competitive premiums for first time buyers.

Used for three years running now. Fast, effective and professional and also got to say good price! – Heating Engineer, Rhino Customer via

Getting value for money is something that we are all instinctively attracted by, and getting your business insurance sorted should be no different. It can be very cost effective to take a look around the market for the best rate when renewing your public liability insurance, or at least ensuring that your existing insurance provider does not increase your premium on an annual basis.

At Rhino we offer cheap PL insurance and have earned an industry reputation for keeping our costs low, even upon renewal. For more information about our liability insurance you can take a look at some frequently asked questions here, and you can get a quote easily from our online shop or by calling 0116 243 7904.

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