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Tools Insurance – Why it’s More Important than Ever

Troy Stevens 25 June 2021

Here at Rhino Trade Insurance, we have been supporting trades people with their insurance requirements for many years. With each year that goes by more and more tradesmen fall victim to tools theft. Let’s discuss why having tools insurance is more important than ever. 

Here at Rhino we specialise in insurance for self-employed tradesmen and women up and down the UK. We offer Public Liability Insurance, Professional Indemnity, Accident & Legal Cover and much more. Importantly, we also offer tools insurance. 

It is no lie that there is growing epidemic of tool theft we are unfortunately experiencing here in the UK, and an increasing scepticism in the support that tradespeople get when trying to get their tools back if they are stolen. 

Our research tells us that tool theft is the number 1 concern for professionals working in almost any trade. 

Let’s be honest, could you work without your tools? Do you the spare £2, £3 or £5 grand it would take to replace your tools if they were stolen out of your van? 

Now there are many ways that you can do your bit to prevent tool theft. Dead lock your vehicle, slap a sticker on your bumper that says, ‘no tools are kept in this vehicle overnight’, but there is no sure fire way that you can make sure that your tools are 100% safe. 

Now it might not prevent them from being stolen but keeping your tools insured is a sure-fire way of making sure you are covered in the horrible event of tool theft. Rhino’s tools in transit insurance costs as little as £3.75 a month and unlike most insurance providers, even covers your tools kept in your van overnight. 

Tools insurance is of course an optional commodity, but make sure you do what’s important for you and your business. Head over to our quote engine to get yourself a quote for Rhino Tools in Transit Insurance. It may not prevent tool theft, but it will make falling victim to it a much easier incident to bare. Get you and your business covered. 

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