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Our Favourite Podcasts To Listen To On-Site

Rhino Trade Insurance 29 October 2021

Trying to find a podcast to listen to these days isn’t difficult at all. What with the lockdown and every man, woman and their dog starting a podcast, we thought that we’d bring you a list of some of our favourites that you can listen to whilst on site. Podcasts have become a super popular way of passing the time at work, as opposed to traditional radio. So let’s take a look at our handy list now. 

What To Listen To

Podcasts have become ultra-niche nowadays, so unless you are looking for one with broad topics, you might like to decide what you are interested in and searching for that genre. Whether it be football, true crime, educational or interviews, there’s bound to be one you’ll like out there! 

That Peter Crouch Podcast

Kicking off with a rather mainstream podcast (available on the BBC.) Peter Crouch, Chris Stark and Tom Fordyce tell you how to be a professional footballer. You will find episodes on what goes on in the dressing room, how transfers happened, keeping your manager sweet and where to sit on the team bus. Guests have included Tony Pulis, Mark Noble, Patrick Bamford, Theo Walcott, Liam Gallagher and many more. 

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Joe Rogan, Of Course

We can’t recommend a podcast list without including the king himself, Joe Rogan. He is one of the O.G’s of the podcast world. An American stand-up comedian and UFC fight commentator, his podcast is most likely the biggest in the world featuring guests like Guy Ritchie, Russell Brand, Louis Theroux, Brock Lesner, Elon Musk, Quentin Tarantino, Mike Tyson, Tyson Fury, Kanye West, Kevin Hart among so many others. What’s more, he chats with the guests for around 3 hours so you get really deep into juicy subjects. 

Listen / Watch Now

The Diary of a CEO with Steven Bartlett

A few years ago Steven was broke, a university dropout, living in one of the worst parts of the country, alone, with nothing but a laptop & a dream. Fast forward a few years, a 29-year-old ex CEO of one of the UK’s fastest-growing companies, Social Chain. You can now see him on Dragons Den. This podcast is simple, every week he speaks to many different people, mainly owners and founders of some of the most popular companies you’ll have heard of: think Moonpig, Ann Summers, Eddie Hearn, Klarna, Deliveroo and many others.

Watch Now

Anything Goes With James English

James English’s Anything Goes Podcast Show is a place you’ll find him talking to people about their real-life stories. The show isn’t called anything goes for nothing as he chats with Gangsters, Comedians, Actors, footballers, Porn Stars, politicians and much more as everyone has a story and he likes to let them tell it from their side. Listen to their harrowing stories of murder, crime, depression, addictions and suicide. And Laugh along the way with stories of sex, love and comedy.

Listen Now

Fozcast - The Ben Foster Podcast

Another one for any football fans out there. Ben Foster is in the twilight of his career playing in the Premier League with Watford. Alongside this, he has built a flourishing media platform on YouTube. His podcast, Ben Foster AKA The Cycling GK, former England and current Watford Premier League goalkeeper welcomes an exciting range of guests that include YouTubers, content creators, viral sensations, athletes and people with an interesting story to share! Definitely worth a listen!

Watch / Listen Now

Call Her Daddy

Our usual curveball… If you fancy listening to some beautiful ladies talk openly about their sex lives then this is the one for you - it can get quite steamy, so we have warned you! In a previous life, they were athletes, but now they run one of the most popular podcasts on the internet. Expect these 2 blonde and brunette bombshells to talk about relationships, wild trips, embarrassing moments and celebrity guests. 

Listen Now

And there we have it. 

If you’re looking for an escape from the usual site radio and fancy linking up your phone over Bluetooth or sticking your headphones in, then these are just some of the cracking podcasts out there to listen to! And if that isn’t enough for you, why not listen to our very own Phil’s ‘Mutter+Stutter Podcast’ where Phil talks about anything and everything with his pals, Joe Rogan-Esque (minus the guests). 

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