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The Importance of Insurance for Tradesman

Rhino Trade Insurance 16 December 2021

At Rhino Trade Insurance, we spend our days speaking to various tradesmen and women on the importance of Tradesman Insurance. For any self-employed tradesman, It is imperative to get yourself or your business insured as you never know when things can hit the fan! Having insurance is, of course, critical to all businesses, but with the added risks and hazards attached to the work of tradesmen, you’ll understand why we stress the need to get yourself covered. 

So, whether you are a plumber, electrician, joiner, glazier, gardener, contractor, or any other trade, you might ask why you need trade insurance, what it covers, or who is the best insurer… Ahem. 

Why Do You Need Tradesmen Insurance?

Each individual trade has its own level of risk and can encounter different hazards on a daily basis. All of which could cause financial devastation if you don’t have the correct Tradesman Insurance set up and tragedy strikes! 

No matter how skilled you are in your trade, you could always fall victim to damaging a customer’s property, injuring a member of the public, having your tools stolen from your van overnight or, heaven forbid, the taxman comes after you. 

That’s where we step in and get to work. Rhino Trade Insurance has created some of the most popular tailor-made Trade Insurance policies around. We pooled together our 20 years of trade knowledge and intricately came up with some bulletproof cover options that any tradesman would be crazy to turn a blind eye to! After working alongside thousands of trades in the UK, we have built up quite the reputation for trade insurance. Don’t believe us? Check out our thousands of reviews now.

Some of the Riskiest Trades

What Will Tradesman Insurance Cover?

Down to the nitty-gritty, what will your Tradesman Insurance cover? It’s best to start by understanding that nothing is a dead cert in this life. And as stated above, some trades have been identified as the riskiest jobs around. That’s why Rhino has taken the time to understand each trade individually and what a day in the life of these trades looks like. That’s where our Public Liability Insurance policy comes in. Our most popular and downright fanciest bit of cover for all tradesmen. 

This type of cover offers various levels of indemnity, from £1million to £5 million. It covers you for any claims resulting from your work causing damage, injury or accidental death to a third party. 

At Rhino Trade Insurance, we offer insurance protection for as little as £6.07 a month - bargain. Depending on the size of your business and the risks included, we offer indemnity from £1 million, £2 million & £5 million. We have made it straightforward for you by having a standard £500 excess for any claim that isn’t a result of the use of heat. We also offer the opportunity to upgrade your current policy or change any details you need without charging any admin fees - cause who does that these days? Come on!

Next on the agenda, is Tools In Transit Insurance. This is a super popular and essential piece of cover for any tradesman looking to protect their tools and vital equipment. 

With Rhino Trade Insurance, we offer cover that is perfect for any tradesman who stores their tools in their van. Our policy has you covered when you are ‘in transit', ‘in your parked vehicle’ or ‘whilst loading’ and protects your equipment if it’s damaged, lost or stolen. 

Our Tools Insurance offers you cover up to £7,500 should the worst happen and you get your tools stolen.. This will cover you for the service, reinstatement or replacement of tools that belong to you. Our ultimate aim is to have you back to work as quickly as possible - as your tools are extremely important for your job. This is a super simple policy that you can add to any current policy with us. It's cost-effective and covers you in more situations than some of our competitors - add it on now. 

Another popular insurance add-on is Rhino’s Contractors All Risks Insurance. This form of insurance is a critical upgrade to a tradesman’s Public Liability or Employers Liability Insurance. It’s essentially there to protect any building contractor or developer from the loss or physical damage caused on a construction site. 

Your business is insured if the damage is caused to a building or extension and any machinery or equipment used for the building work. The cherry on top of the cake? It can also cover your employee’s tools and effects that are also on-site - all in all, a fantastic piece of tradesman insurance at a very reasonable price. 

Working on-site can be a dangerous game that’s rife with hazards and pitfalls that could cause injury and make you unable to work. This is where our Personal Accident and Income Protection Insurance policies come in handy.

Both policies will help cover your financial loss should you suffer serious injury and be unable to work. Personal Accident Insurance, starting from just £7.42 per month, will pay out a lump sum of cash depending on the level of cover you choose and Income Protection Insurance will pay out a monthly sum, again dependent on the level of cover chosen, starting from £5.52 per month.

Your business isn't legally required to have this on your policy, but it makes sound business sense to add it on. At a low monthly price, it helps provide that all-important peace of mind should you be injured in an accident and not be able to work. This is particularly important for any self-employed tradesmen or women out there. 

You may have a van full of tools, but your body is one of your primary weapons. If you can’t physically work, you won’t be able to earn any money! With Income Protection, you will be assisted financially up to the level of indemnity - anywhere from £500 to £2,500 a month. A small detail - your monthly insurance payout cannot surpass 60% of your gross monthly income if you are employed or 60% of your taxable monthly income if you are self-employed.

If, as we said above, you sadly suffer from a severe injury. The compensation can help to cover any loss in income or help with any medical bills you may experience whilst you cannot work.  

Finally, you can choose to pay your premiums with our interest-free monthly payment plan, and if you ever need to speak to somebody, our team of ACTUAL humans is based in the UK and there six days a week. Not Sunday’s cause that’s a rest day! 

What Else Can Tradesmen Insurance Protect From?

Apart from Public Liability Insurance - the fundamental pillar to all of our insurance policies. Tradesmen can find many other options when taking out cover with Rhino Trade Insurance. Here you can find our other popular insurance policies and what they protect you from:

  • If you cause damage to clients home, injure a member of the public or cause accidental death to a third party - Public Liability Insurance
  • Have employees, contractors or staff and don’t want them to sue you if they injure themselves, cause damage, or die due to the work your business does? - Employers Liability Insurance
  • If your company gives out designs or advice, then you always run the risk of a claim - Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • If you have to face a legal claim, get this cover to protect you from any costs incurred - Legal Expenses Insurance
  • It’s the 21st century. You’ll no doubt have a mobile phone or laptop for work, so you best get them covered in case things hit the fan - Gadget & Mobile Phone Insurance
  • Avoid any costly claims or expenses after the taxman knocks on your door - Tax Enquiry Insurance

How Can You Save On Your Tradesmen Insurance Cover?

We might be biased, but simply follow the link to Rhino Trade Insurance’s quote engine. We can offer trade insurance for up to 40% off our closest competitors. Our lowest insurance policy comes in at a snip of £6.07 a month! 

Our team is based in Leicester and has spent so much time preparing all of our policies, so they are tailored to each trades’ needs. We have over 20 years of experience dealing with thousands of trades up and down the land and love speaking to them on a daily basis. So what are you waiting for? We offer insurance for self-employed tradesmen, you get a quote in 60 seconds now or give us a call. We can’t wait to help you out. 

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