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How to claim on your Public Liability insurance?

Rhino Trade Insurance 17 December 2021

If you are wondering how to claim on your Public Liability Insurance, then you’ve come to the right place. At Rhino Trade Insurance, we pride ourselves on being as transparent as possible. We offer some of the clearest trade insurance policies on the market and don’t bother confusing you with all that hard to understand insurance jargon. So, if you’re wondering what to do should an accident happen on-site, who to contact, what information you need on hand, and what actually happens once the claim has been lodged, let us explain!

First things first, a reminder of what Public Liability Insurance covers.

Public Liability Insurance for tradesmen is there to cover your back if you have to make a claim in case a member of the public or third party launches action against you or your business. It is a business-critical policy designed to cover the cost of any accidental injuries, death or damage caused by your work.  

Your Public Liability Insurance will have a certain level of cover that it will pay out up to. Rhino Trade Insurance offer cover from £1 million, £2 million or £5 million, covering almost all eventualities on-site or on the tools.

What should I do if an accident happens due to my work?

As many tradesmen work in high-risk jobs, you can often expect to incur some mishaps at some point in your professional career. It’s been found that some of the most hazardous domestic trades to work in include: Plumbing, Electrics, Gas, Painting and Decorating and Woodworking. If you have an incident due to your work, we’d recommend you take the following steps to make a claim

Act Quickly - Minimise any further risk.

Once you have been made aware that an accident has happened, you should act as quickly and responsibly as possible. This will hopefully minimise any further injury, damage or death. Your first point of call is to make sure everybody is safe and sound as you have a duty of care to give. After this, take stock, don’t immediately accept blame as any oncoming claims will need a proper investigation before compensation is paid. 

You can make a record of the event.

As a business owner, this is where you need to take stock of the situation. Leave no stone unturned and collect every piece of detail you can. No matter how insignificant it may seem, any piece of evidence could be vital to your claim as it may lead to who or what caused the accident in the first place. Things to keep in mind when getting details include:

  • The time and date the incident happened
  • What happened during the accident
  • Names and contact details of all present when the accident occurred. 

You can also take pictures of the accident and if you have access to CCTV footage, then this can be extremely useful too.  This can all be used as evidence to show what happened, especially if it helps confirm any witness statements. 

Check your policy documents.

The next step in claiming your Public Liability Insurance would be to dig out your policy documentation or log into your online account. The reason is to check the steps to notify your insurer, as each trade insurance company will have a different way of processing a claim. If you didn’t follow the proper way to log a claim, you could risk voiding your insurance claim. 

Another reason for checking your insurance documents is that it will remind you of the level of Public Liability Insurance you have and what can be expected as part of your claim. 

Your policy documents are available to download by logging into your online account. Here, you can find all the relevant documents that you need as well as the contact details that you need to make your claim. Below is a breakdown of what documents you will find in your account

  • Policy Schedule - this outlines when your policy started when it expires and the level of cover you have.
  • Policy Wording - this defines the terms of the policy taken out. What the policy covers and what it doesn’t cover, for example.
  • Certificate of Insurance - a certified document that proves that you have the relevant insurance. You can use this to show to customers when speccing a job.
  • Terms of Business - This document outlines Rhino Protect Limited (Rhino Trade Insurance’s trading company)’s terms of business, making things clear and transparent to the customer.

Your policy documents will also have been sent to you when you first took your policies out.

Don’t worry, though. We understand this could be a stressful time for you. If you can’t find your policy documents, give Rhino a call, and we will help find your details and assist you through the process. To get hold of Rhino’s claims department is simple. All you have to do is go to our website and click the ‘claims’ button in the top right of the page. From there, you will see the number or email needed for your Public Liability Insurance claim. You can also call our usual number 0116 243 7904 you can select option 3 for our claims department. 

What information will my insurers need?

With Rhino Trade Insurance, the best way to help kickstart your claim would be to have every piece of documentation or evidence to hand when you call or email us. As stated above, the best forms of evidence will include photos of the accident, any police report you may have or a medical report. 

With all this information collected together, you will be ready to make your claim. Don’t rest on your laurels and wait though, if you have a Public Liability Insurance claim to make, get it logged with your insurer. 

An interesting point to make is that should you be with a particular insurer when the incident happens and then you change insurer. The claim would fall upon whoever your Public Liability Insurance provider was at the time of the accident. Not who it is when you make a claim. 

Notify your insurer

So it’s time to notify your insurer, or in this case, us. Once you have collected all your evidence, read over any Public Liability Insurance documentation and feel comfortable knowing that you are ready to speak to us. Then, get in touch with one of our claims experts as soon as possible. Even if you haven’t had a claim made against you yet. You should be prepared with:

  • Your name and company details
  • Your insurance policy number and personal details
  • Details of any individuals/ companies claiming against you

After this, we will need all of your details on the incident to process the complete Public Liability Insurance claim. Who was injured? What was damaged? Where was the work taking place? Who was involved? Among others. One of our insurance experts will help you if you are confused. We have specialists who have worked on various claims for over 20 years. 

Support the process

What happens once you have registered a Public Liability Insurance claim? Well, it’s not time to sit back with your feet up. Once we have all the necessary details of the accident, we will get to work and inform you how the process is coming along. 

Some of the usual things that crop up when handling a claim of this nature would be the need to visit the place where the incident happened or speak to individuals involved. This is why you need to give your insurer complete control of the proceedings. We need to understand all of the facts to understand who is at fault and whether we can defend the claim or settle it. 

A Rhino claims expert will take you through all of these details, so if you have any questions, we will be on hand to answer any queries you have. We have handled many cases before and have thousands of 5* reviews because of the service we offer. Please take a look at them here. 

Want to switch your Public Liability Insurance to Rhino?

We are one of the only insurance companies in the UK that specialise in trade insurance. More specifically, Public Liability Insurance for tradespeople. We have over 20 years of experience working with various tradesmen and women and have formed some fantastic relationships along the way from this. We have understood that each trade has its unique risks and hazards. That’s why we offer tailor-made policies for each trade - no matter if you are a handyman, gardener, window glazier, plasterer or bricklayer

An added cherry on the cake? Our Public Liability Insurance can cost as little as £6.07 a month and can be paid in monthly instalments should you wish. Whatever you need, our trade insurance experts are ready to speak to you six days a week. Give them a call now. They are based in Leicester and love meeting new people! 


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