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Contractors All Risks Insurance - What is it?

Rhino Trade Insurance 19 January 2022

Here we are, Rhino Trade Insurance, back again with the best god 'damn trade insurance blog on the world wide web. We know insurance can sometimes get a bit dull, but we are here to spruce things up and share all about Contractor's All Risks Insurance. Let us take you on a bit of a journey about what exactly it is, its purpose, why include it in your policy and who would benefit from it. Let's get ready to rumble!

What Is Contractors All Risks Insurance?

Contractor's All Risks Insurance is a popular addition to Rhino's leading Public Liability Insurance and Employer's Liability Insurance policies. It is often purchased by building contractors who work on construction sites with larger machinery and tools. 

It is a policy designed to offer a great deal of protection at a fantastic price, ultimately granting you financial security should something go seriously wrong on a construction site. 

What is the objective of Contractor's All Risks Insurance?

As a tradesman or woman, the main reason you'd choose to take our Contractor's All Risks Insurance is to make sure that all ongoing work on a customers site or industrial-scale construction site is covered. Any tools or plant machinery that you have on-site, whether owned or hired, is also covered.

This type of insurance cover makes sound business sense and will help you rest easy, knowing that all of your work is protected should something go wrong (which can always happen with the varied risks associated with the trade industry). Having Contractors, All Risks Insurance will pay for any work that needs repairing or re-done, meaning that your business doesn't end up on its knees. 

Imagine that you're building a two-storey extension to a private home, and suddenly a pipe bursts, ruining the project's structural integrity. Any respected tradesperson wouldn't expect the customer to stump up for the damage, and this is where Contractors All Risks Insurance helps you.

Choosing Rhino Trade Insurance to cover you for Contractors All Risks Insurance will give you the ability to select the right level of cover to meet your precise business requirements. Moreover, contractors working in the construction game see this as a lifeline to their business should the worst happen and severe damage be caused. 

What is included in Contractors All Risks Insurance?

So why does a builder, plumber or electrician need Contractors All Risks Insurance? Well, this policy provides cover for the loss or damage to a wide range of things, for example:

  • Suppose you are contracted to work on an extension, and the work is only half complete. In that case, this policy protects the 'in-progress' building, any temporary buildings you have erected as part of the job and protection of any materials stored on-site.
  • If you have any construction machinery, plant tools, hand tools, work equipment or accessories that belong to you or any staff member on-site, then all of this is also protected - even if it's hired. 
  • Your employees' equipment is also protected. This has a material value that is limited to £500 per employee.

At Rhino Trade Insurance, we have set up thousands of tradesmen and women with the right insurance level, including Contractors All Risks Insurance. Our cover starts at a mere £11.20 a month - an absolute bargain considering the size a claim could be. 

Who needs Contractors All Risks Insurance?

Whether you are a builder, bricklayer, plumber, electrician or joiner, if you are a contractor and find yourself usually working on different construction sites, then Contractors All Risks Insurance may be for you. If you are considering your options, it's best to get in touch with one of our lovely team members to see how it could benefit your business. 

With the various types of work tradespeople undertake, you can never be too careful with the many various work sites. However, having Contractors All Risks Insurance cannot hurt your business should a risk present itself to you. 

Take the plant and machinery aspect of the policy. These large and often costly pieces of equipment are vital to your work, and should something happen, they could end up costing you the earth. Not only that, without the machinery, you most likely can't finish the job and will lose money that way because you cannot complete your contract! It's a vicious circle. 

That's why it's best to consider Contractors all-risk insurance. Rhino has designed the policy to be tailormade to protect your business against any risks and more.

Why Choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

At Rhino Trade Insurance, we focus entirely on you, the tradesperson. You are our bread and butter. We have spent many years honing our craft and gaining valuable industry knowledge so that we can give you the best possible product and the best possible price. We don't need meerkats to tell you about insurance. Our team based in Leicester is ready to have a friendly chat and explain the benefits of Contractors All Risks Insurance. Should you need help with anything else, we have a simple to use online form that takes less than a minute to complete and doesn't ask you all those daft questions like 'what's your mother's maiden name'.

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