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Rhino Trade Insurance Partners Up With Band of Builders

Rhino Trade Insurance 17 February 2022

The team at Rhino Trade Insurance are toasting to a new partner today - Band of Builders. Our feelings for this partnership are perfectly summed up by the great John Motson, "back of the net!" 

Band of Builders is a National Construction Charity that provides support to members of the UK construction industry facing life-changing or limiting circumstances.

Adam Smith worked as a fencing and landscape contractor, and when his mate, Keith Ellick, was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he wanted to do something - anything - to make his life a little easier.

A plan to landscape his garden won the support of his fellow tradesmen and saw the project grow into a full-scale renovation of Keith's house carried out by volunteers from across the country - DIY SOS eat your heart out!

From there, Band of Builders has been unstoppable, uniting construction industry members through the simple desire to help others.

They deliver life-enhancing projects and financial and emotional support for tradespeople and their families across the UK who are dealing with life's most challenging circumstances.

Rhino Trade Insurance Commercial Director Troy Stevens said: "Rhino have had their sights set on Band of Builders for some time now! As charities go, you won't find one more dedicated to the trades than Band of Builders. They help to spread the message, raise awareness and support tradesmen who have important events happening in their lives to an industry that is often too busy and too hardworking to take notice - a monumental feat."


If you would like to know more about this partnership, you can contact Rhino Trade Insurance or give us a call on 0116 350 1550

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