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How To Unwind After a Hard Days Graft

Rhino Trade Insurance 25 April 2022

It’s basically summer in the UK. The weather has been absolutely banging! But what with the days lasting longer we were wondering what to get up to on an evening. That’s why we wanted to offer something different today, some decent ideas for unwinding after a hard day's graft. Let’s go!

Keep yourself fit and active.

There’s no better way to keep your mind and body in better shape than keeping yourself fit, active and healthy. We get that you may want to relax after a physically demanding day. Still, studies show that doing some form of exercise, whether it be cardio, weight training, yoga, walking, meditation or whatever, will improve your mind and help you further unwind. 

Putting your body through added stress causes you to become more resilient and ultimately helps you relax more after work. Once you have finished, your body will want to rest (as long as you haven’t loaded up on coffee and Monster Energy). 

Give it a try, and it can also help you be fitter on the job. Some people consider fitness a form of relaxation, so it could even increase your work output and help you get your jobs done quicker - meaning more time to do the other things you enjoy in life… Maybe a nice cold pint. 

Watch a Cracking Docu-Series

Ever since the dawn of Netflix, the popularity of documentaries and tv series has gone into orbit. And with more and more streaming apps these days, the quality of shows on offer is second to none. What’s more, it’s super-duper relaxing to sit after a tough day on the tools, relax your mind and watch a new and exciting show. That’s why we’ve picked some of our latest favourites:

All or Nothing: Juventus. 

For any football or sports fans out there, you may have heard of All or Nothing: Manchester City or All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur. Well, we present the latest instalment of this series, featuring the gigantic Italian team, Juventus. It follows the club behind the scenes throughout the 2020/2021 Serie A season, where much change occurred, mainly Italian great Andrea Pirlo taking charge of the team. Expect fireworks and fascinating, fly-on-the-wall clips showing the team falter, Cristiano Ronaldo saving the team and how the business of football works. Watch on Amazon Prime now. 

Tiger King 2

For anybody living under a rock when the OG lockdown happened, Tiger King burst onto our screens featuring several characters in the USA who keep and maintain Tigers, almost as pets. What followed was crazy stories about drugs, murder-for-hire and imprisonment. Now, in season 2, we catch up with all the cast, where they are today and how their stories have changed. Revolving around the leading man ‘Joe Exotic’ who is behind bars and desperately trying to be released. Kick-off your work boots and strap in for this 5-episode series on Netflix now. 

The Beatles: Get Back.

This is a new one and for any fans of The Beatles. This three-part docu-series shows us intimate recording sessions from some of the biggest hits from The Beatles and how the band worked together in the studio. Expect to see a lead up to the last live performance as a group in the iconic ‘Saville Row Rooftop Concert’ and the recording of top hits including ‘Abbey Road’ and ‘Let It Be’. Amazing TV to unwind to after a tiring day on-site. 

Enjoy a night with the family or your mates.

Did someone say pint? Now, what better way to unwind after a solid day on the job than meeting up with some of your mates and having a drink down your local. After the last 24 months, being with friends can really help your mental health and increase your happiness - ultimately helping you unwind, stop worrying about work and give you an added spring in your step the following day to get going (as long as you don’t have one too many and have a hangover). 

It doesn’t even have to be with your mates. Spending quality time with your partner or family is a way to go too. Consider leaving your phones behind and going for dinner, a quiet walk, or a small drink and catch up with them. Have a pleasant conversation and talk about things other than your day and that dreaded ‘C’ word. In a day where social media runs riot, it’s great to switch off and build relationships with those who really matter. This will help you unwind after the hardest of days at work. Who knows, you might even get more than you bargained for… 

Keep an eye on the sports.

The last one we will add to this list is keeping an eye out for your favourite sports. We love all sorts in the Rhino office, most love football, some enjoy cricket, other F1, UFC, Boxing or even the old-school sports like Snooker and Darts. Whatever it is, sports are on TV almost every night of every week, so after having an impromptu BBQ, keep a lookout for your favourite ones and plan to watch them. 

It’s always nice to have things to look forward to, even if it’s as simple as watching the British GP, The Masters Snooker or a London derby. Getting in after fixing customers' property, having a cold shower, sitting back with a cool beer, some snacks and watching your favourite sport is a dead ringer for helping you unwind. Just don’t do it every evening - a healthy balance is what we all need in this life!

So that’s all on our tips on unwinding.

There we have it, for anyone in the trades, whether you are a plumber, sparky, chippy, builder, gardener, glazier, you name it. We all work hard and deserve a bl**dy good chill in the evening. 

We hope these help out. Unwinding can sometimes be one of the trickiest parts of your job. You could be annoyed with a job, the customer or a colleague but never take it home. Have ways to refresh and go again in the morning. 

With that said, if you ever need any help, guidance or cover as a tradesman, we endeavour to provide the best possible tradesman insurance on the market. 

Get in touch with one of our UK team now if you have any questions.

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