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Things they don't tell you about your Tradesman Business

Rhino Trade Insurance 17 June 2022

There are hundreds of trades you could choose from, which means there are a whole host of things you aren't prepared for when working in the trades. Going through an apprenticeship and serving your time is one thing, but knowing these finer details really puts the icing on the cake when deciding whether to learn a trade or not. 

Here at Rhino, we offer fantastic insurance options for tradesmen and women across the UK. We keep our ears to the ground and find out what's happening on-site so that we are aware of what a day in the life of a tradesperson is like. 

Intuition and Intelligence are vital skills. 

Many across the UK have labelled trade work as 'blue collar'. Over time stigma has become attached to this term, namely 'unintelligent'. Even me writing this article. Through school, my parents told me that having a trade behind me would be fantastic, but the school wouldn't allow me on the bricklaying course as they saw me as 'more academic'. 

A sheer matter of fact is that working in most trades requires you to work hard, be able to problem-solve and utilise your intelligence and intuition. All added together will fundamentally help you get the job done. 

Take a plumber or electrician. Every day they interact with various customers meaning people skills are required. You also need to be able to communicate your work to them in a concise way. On top of this, not every location is the same, so two homes may need a similar job, but both houses could require vastly different work styles. 

Job Satisfaction with the bonus of security

You may not have been told this, but everybody enjoys the thrill of making something and solving an issue with their hands and brainpower, whether a joiner fitting a kitchen, a builder finishing a home extension, or a plumber supplying water to a new home. 

This is one reason we are seeing online trade creators rise. Tradesmen and women love to take raw materials, build something and show off their hard work and skill. It also lets you share with the trade community any tips and tricks you have learned along the way. 

On top of the satisfaction part, you will always be able to find work. The world is your oyster once you serve your time and become fully qualified. Plenty of our favourite tradespeople say 'build up your tool kit' and 'save for a van' because when the moment strikes and you go it alone, be ready because people will want your skills and expertise. 

No Student Loan Debt and Added Benefits

No, we don't mean the tea and biscuits the customer leaves out for you (although that is a cracking benefit). 

This one is aimed at people considering a trade. Well, one thing they never tell you is that you won't be riddled with debt and will be free to save as much money as you need without paying a percentage of your salary back. In the UK, millions of young adults without an idea what to do in life sign up with whopping university courses without the guarantee of a job down the line. 

Another pro? Choosing to become a qualified tradesman or woman is actually incentivised these days. This is because of a significant skills shortage. Keep your eyes peeled for government funding when deciding on the trade you'd like to do. 

You Can Live a Healthier, Fitter Life

Although the stereotype of tradespeople is that they love a fry-up for breakfast followed by a Greggs for lunch, all washed down later on with a few pints. In fact, being a tradesperson could be the best decision you ever make for your health and overall fitness. 

Take a bricklayer, for example. You spend your days lifting heavy material, using muscles you don't realise you have, so you will be in excellent physical condition. Compare this with an idle office job, sitting down for 9 hours a day. 

There is no direct correlation, and it changes from person to person. However, the health benefits of being active and working a physically demanding job have improved your chances of any health concerns later in life. 

You aren't told to consider your Insurance options.

Imagine it. You have spent years training, got all your qualifications, built up your tool kit and bought a van. But no one has warned you about trade insurance. 

This is a vital extension of your business. Without it, you are taking a major risk when working in people's homes or around members of the public. One wrong move could be curtains for your finances and your new business. 

At Rhino, we have designed various trade insurance for almost all trades. Each one is tailored. Our most popular is Public Liability Insurance. This will save your bacon in the event you cause damage to a client's property, injure them with your work or accidentally kill them. 

This is our most fundamental policy. You can choose to build out your cover by adding options such as Tool Insurance, Employers' Liability Insurance, Accident Protection Insurance and many others. Find out more by visiting our website

Why choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

We have a team of trade-specific experts ready to help you on your way. With plenty of experience in our back pocket and thousands of tradesmen and women already trusting us to cover them, your best bet is to get a quote in less than 60 seconds now. 

Alternatively, get in touch with us to talk about Public Liability Insurance, protection for your tools, van insurance or whatever you need now on 0116 243 7904.

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