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Public Liability Insurance for Small Business

Rhino Trade Insurance 06 July 2022

As a small to medium-sized trade business, you might think that you don't need to take out any public liability insurance. We at Rhino Trade Insurance are here to tell you that isn't the case. 

Granted, you don't need Public Liability Insurance by law, but without it, you are taking a bigger risk than an England starting 11 with three right-backs… Sorry, Gareth! 

Having Public Liability Insurance can ensure your business is protected in case of any claims, legal fees or other associated costs with injuring a customer or damaging their property. Let's find out why it is beneficial for your business now. 

Public Liability Insurance: What is it?

Suppose you are a tradesman or woman working on-site and manage to cause an injury to a customer, public member or one of your suppliers. In that case, you will be covered by your Public Liability Insurance. Alternatively, you could have caused damage to the customer's property on your own premises or whilst working on-site. This, along with accidental death due to your work, would be covered by Public Liability Insurance. 

Why would Public Liability Insurance benefit my trade business? (with examples & cost) 

Taking out your policy with Rhino means that you are joining a specialist trade insurance broker. We only focus on you hardworking people in the trades. With that, our Public Liability Insurance protects you from a compensation claim. Here are just a few reasons why our insurance benefits your trade business:

  • Compensation Claims

If you cause some type of damage or injury whilst working on a job, you may have to claim on your Public Liability Insurance to pay compensation. This could be on top of any medical costs and property damage. 

  • Covers property damage

On a bad day, you may end up damaging a customer's property. As this would be your fault and the damage was caused because of your work, you would be held liable for fixing any issues at the site. This would be covered in your Public Liability policy. 

  • Medical costs

If you happen to cause some type of injury or illness through your work, you will most likely be held responsible. A claim of this nature may be needed to cover any medical costs incurred by the individual. 

What other trade insurance policies would benefit my business?


At Rhino, not only can you cover yourself with our top-quality Public Liability Insurance. We also offer fantastic add-ons to protect things like your tools, time off work and other valuable protections.


  • Public & Employers Liability Insurance - This covers you and any employees you have that cause damage, injure themselves or a public member or cause accidental death. 
  • Tools in Transit Insurance - We've found the top ways vans are broken into, from window breaks, doors not locked, and keys being stolen. It may be worth having that last line of defence and protecting your tools. 
  • Contractors' All Risks Insurance - For any tradesperson who works on construction sites and uses larger machinery or plant equipment, then this insurance will protect you. 
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance - If you offer designs and advice in your trade, you can protect yourself in case your advice goes wrong on site and leaves the client out of pocket. 
  • Personal Accident & Income Insurance - A couple of popular insurance options for self-employed tradespeople. If you are ill, sick or unable to work through injury, you can still get paid either by monthly lump sum. 
  • We also offer several other options. Find out more here

Why choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

The team at Rhino Trade Insurance have spent many hours coming up with the best possible trade policies at the best possible price. We are, on average, 40% cheaper than our industry competitors. 

Not only does our team live and die by creating quality cover for tradesmen and women, but we also offer a super simple way to take out a policy. You can get a quote in less than a minute and be back on the tools in no time! 

We offer cover for almost all trades, from window cleaners, plumbers, sparkys, builders, gardeners, you name it, we most likely provide tailored cover for it

Get in touch with our awesome team now. Call them on 0116 243 7904

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