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A Guide to Plasterer Insurance

Rhino Trade Insurance 18 July 2022

We offer specialist trade insurance for almost every trade you can think of at Rhino Trade Insurance. Here we are focusing on Plasterers Insurance and why you need it. No two days are the same for those of you who work as a self-employed plasterer. One day you could be fixing drywall in a new office building. The next, you could be doing a full skim in a country manor house. 

But what happens if something goes south? What insurance do you need? Are you covered? And how much does it cost? Let's find out!

Public Liability Insurance for Plasterers - Do I need it?

First, for anyone working as a plasterer in the UK, having insurance is not a legal requirement. However, you will be taking a significant risk if you work on a job without any type of insurance. On top of this, you will most likely be contractually obliged to have a certain level of trade insurance before you begin working. 

Two examples of why you need Public Liability Insurance as a minimum when working as a Plasterer include: if you are working for the local council, or if you want to be included in any relevant trade associations or bodies or if you want to work for a contractor. 

So What is Public Liability Insurance? This is undoubtedly the most critical piece of insurance you will ever take out. As a self-employed plasterer, it will guarantee your financial security in the case of accidental injury, damage or death to a third party. 

Imagine in the unlikely scenario that you cause hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage. Would you be able to afford to pay the compensation yourself? What about if you were taken to court over a claim? Would you be able to fork out for legal defence easily? Rhino's popular Public Liability Insurance provides protection in all of these instances for a small monthly fee. 

Here's what is included in our cover when you join us:

  • Top quality insurance from just £72.80 per year. 
  • Cover options range from £1 million, £2 million and £5 million quid.
  • A standard, straightforward excess of just £500 per claim. 
  • Like your Netflix membership, you can pay for our insurance policies via monthly payments; better yet, it's interest-free! 
  • All necessary documents, certificates and welcome packs are delivered immediately to your online account and email inbox! 

Types of Insurance for Plasterers

Employers' Liability Insurance 

Apart from Public Liability Insurance, this is probably our second most popular piece of protection. This is a legal requirement for any plasterers who run their own business and employ staff members. 

It protects you for any instances where an employee causes injury, damage or death to a third party of themselves due to the work they are doing for you. 

Our Employee Liability Insurance starts at the bargain price of just £6.07 a month. Way cheaper than the £2,500 a day fine you could face if caught without this type of insurance. 

Personal Accident Insurance

As a self-employed plasterer, you might worry from time to time about what would happen if you took the wrong step and ended up injuring yourself, deeming you unfit to work. That's where Personal Accident Insurance from Rhino has your back. If you have an accident and can't work (meaning you lose your income), this protects you by paying out a chunk of compensation to cover any costs/ missing income you incur. 

For just under £8 a month, it's a real-life saver should anything ever go wrong. But let's hope it doesn't get to that!

Tools Insurance

This is a mighty piece of insurance for any tradesman or woman. Your tools are your livelihood. Without them, you most likely couldn't work! Whether they are brand-spanking-new pieces of kit or hold sentimental value, your tools really are worth having covered. 

Tool theft is continually on the rise, and even if you have extra locks or alarms, it might not prevent your tools from being stolen. Tools Insurance can help prevent you from having to fork out for a brand new set of tools should you be a victim of tool theft. Rhino can insure your tools for £3.75 a month and can receive coverage for up to £7,500 of value. 

We can also provide you with Income Protection, Van Insurance, Gadget Insurance and many other popular cover options. Just check them out now, or ask one of our insurance experts for more info.

How Much Does Plasterers Insurance cost?

As a plasterer, you work hard for your money, so we don't want to see you get ripped off when searching for trade insurance! At Rhino, we are, on average, up to 40% cheaper than most industry competitors. When it comes to giving you a quote for your business, we will simply have to weigh up what level of risk your trade poses. That dictates the premium you pay. 

Various factors make up a trade insurance quote, but our simple online platform needs just a few minor details to give you a price in less than a minute. What we need to know is:

  • Business turnover
  • Your trade
  • How many people work for you
  • And a few other minor details

From this, we will give you the best possible price so that you can get back on the tools (cause nobody wants to be stuck on a call with their insurance provider). Keep in mind that you may require a certain level of cover if you work on specific jobs or with certain contractors. But as we said, we offer a whole host of different levels of cover at the best price on the market. 

Our trade insurance can cover you from £1 million pounds to £5 million should you need this much. It's entirely your choice on the policy limit you choose. Our insurance experts will always help guide you and ensure that you aren't under-insured (which we find regularly). 

Why Choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

So there it is. Whatever size your plastering business is, we can provide the right level of trade insurance you need at a cost-effective price. The best thing for you to do now is to get a quick quote on our website - time yourself. We bet it takes you less than a minute. Alternatively, you can give our wonderful and friendly team a ring. We are based in the UK and ready to chat with you six days a week. 

Call our team now on 0116 243 7904 or get a quote

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