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Are Builders' Insurance & Contractors' All Risk Cover Different?

Rhino Trade Insurance 27 July 2022

Taking out insurance can be like walking into a minefield. Car insurance, home insurance, plus all the different types of cover for your trade. But that's why Rhino Trade Insurance is here to help. We focus solely on trade insurance and try to make your cover as simple as possible. 

These are just a few common questions we get asked: What is the difference between Builders Insurance and Contractors' All Risks Insurance? Do I need them both, and what do they include? 

What is a Builders Insurance?

Anyone working as a self-employed builder will be wondering what insurance you need. A day in the life of a builder can bring various challenges and risks. This is because you are a master of your craft and can generally work on numerous on-site jobs. 

With that said, the most basic form of Builders Insurance is undoubtedly Public Liability Insurance. This little number has been designed to alleviate all of your worries if something goes wrong on site. All it takes is one small blunder, and you can face financial ruin as a business. 

Public Liability Insurance for builders will protect you if you cause damage to a customer's property or injure a third party or member of the public. 

You may think, "I'm all good. I've never had an accident yet, and I'm cautious". Well, that's all well and good, but all it takes is one small slip, and you could be facing a significant compensation claim. 

Here at Rhino, we take Builders and their insurance serious! That's why our trade experts came up with Builder's very own policy, designed specifically with you in mind. For a mere £72.80 a year, you could get your trade business on the insurance ladder and not worry if something goes wrong. 

What is a Contractors' All Risks Insurance?

Okay, so you know about Builder's Insurance, but what is this Contractors' All Risks Insurance (CARS) you've heard about? Simply put, CARS is a piece of cover that has been created specifically for builders and construction professionals and is considered an upgrade on your standard Public Liability or Employers' Liability Insurance. 

This insurance covers you and your business for several things:

  1. Damage or loss to works under construction, including partially completed or temporary buildings where you must redo or repair work.
  2. Damage to the construction site.
  3. Plant machinery, whether hired or owned.
  4. Tools and equipment left on-site by your employees (up to £500 per employee).
  5. Indemnity cover up to £250,000

Generally, the people who most likely cover themselves with this insurance policy are builders, bricklayers, developers, contractors, plumbers and electricians.

Please note: this insurance can only be bought alongside Public Liability or Employers Liability insurance.

What Does Builders Insurance Cover?

So what else does Builder's Insurance cover you for? At Rhino, our team have spent many hours putting together some of the best policies available for you. Building on the most vital piece of cover - Public Liability Insurance - you should consider adding one or more of these options to your policy:

Employers Liability Insurance - This is legally required if you hire any staff (and as a builder, we suspect you will). This covers any employees or staff members from causing damage on-site to a client's property or injuring a member of the public or themselves. 

Tools in Transit Insurance - Tool theft is on the rise, and as a builder, we are sure that you will have a van full of top-quality pieces of equipment. Please do everything you can to deter criminals from targeting you, but if you want that added peace of mind. Consider Rhino's Tool Insurance.

This popular add-on covers any tradesman or woman in case their tools are lost, damaged or stolen. Starting at £3.75 a month, you'd be hard-pressed not to accept our offer! 

Legal Expenses Insurance - If you had a customer, client, or supplier take you to court, would you be able to foot the defence bill? Claims can vary from the recovery of debts owed to property disputes. This insurance offers protection should you face a legal challenge against your business. 

Tax Enquiry Insurance - A prevalent option for self-employed tradesmen and women. If you worry about your tax bill, then fear no more, as Rhino Trade Insurance will have you covered with this policy. If you get the HMRC knocking on your door asking for tax info and potentially issuing you a fine, you can count on us to help you in this situation. 

Personal Accident & Income Protection Insurance - Last but not least, you could potentially have an accident on site and be unable to work. Now what?

As a builder, if you don't work, you don't get paid. That's why we have two different policies that can help. Personal Accident Insurance protects you if you have an accident and can't work due to injury or sickness. Your policy will pay out a lump sum up to the indemnity value you chose and protect you from any costs incurred whilst on the sick. 

Likewise, Income Protection covers you for sickness and ill-health. If you cannot work for an extended period, this insurance will cover you for lost income and provide you with compensation for up to 12 months of sick leave. 

What Does Contractor's All Risks Insurance Cover?

As we gave you a brief overview above, Contractors' All Risks Insurance can help any tradesperson working on a building site. 

If something was to go drastically wrong on-site and substantial work needed to be redone, who foots the bill? This insurance protects your back pocket and foots the bill for any work that was in progress and needed to be redone. 

It also protects you from any plant or machinery on the site. You could either own or hire this. It also protects you from any material purchased and stored on site. 

The icing on the cake for your Builder's Insurance? We think so! At Rhino, you can add this to your current policy in less than 60 seconds for as little as £11.20 a month. 

Why Choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

So that's all, folks. Any builders looking for top-quality insurance need look to further. Rhino Trade Insurance focus totally, 100% on you, the trades. We have developed tailored plans for all types of tradespeople, and we have thousands of happy builders in our gang. Just check out our reviews. 

Give our wonderful UK team a call now on 0116 243 7904 or get a quote in less than 60 seconds by visiting our website.  

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