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A Guide to Tradesman Insurance

Rhino Trade Insurance 01 August 2022

Whether you lay bricks, fix people's guttering, rewire a house or lay a new patio, Rhino Trade Insurance is here to assist you in finding the best trade insurance for your business. 

In an industry rife with hazards and danger, it's best to have a good idea of your tradesman insurance policy should anything untoward happen on-site; you are covered financially. 

So, what is Tradesman Insurance?

Tradesman Insurance is like your toolkit. It can be filled with numerous pieces of equipment that serve different jobs. If you don't have the right tool for the job, you can talk to an expert trade insurer (Rhino) and get that tool for your bag.

You will know that anything can happen to anybody working in the trades. Would you be in the right place financially to pay out for a claim without any cover? That's where Tradesman Insurance has your back. Rhino, with its top-quality policies, can help protect you even if you have a bad day.  

Who needs Tradesman Insurance?

Our trade experts carefully designed Tradesman Insurance for almost any trade you can think of. Each policy is prepared with that individual trade in mind. With that said, you can find a short list of who we cover here:

Those are some of our most popular trades. However, you can also find tailored cover for many others, such as carpet fitters, window cleaners, handymen, plasterers, and tilers. You name it, and we'll likely have cover for it. 

Types of Insurance available for Tradesmen

Tradesman Insurance can come in a variety of forms. As a self-employed tradesperson, it's best to take a moment to consider what you do daily and what you think would benefit from being covered. 

Insurance shouldn't be a burden. It's there to ensure that you, the people around you and your possessions are safe to the point that you will have cover should you need compensation. 

At Rhino Trade Insurance, our team has spent many hours designing incredible cover for each trade. Here is an idea of what we offer:

  • Public Liability Insurance & Employers' Liability Insurance: Our most prominent types of insurance. This will protect you for any tradesperson or a staff member who causes damage, injury or accidental death to a third party. 
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance: For any professional offering guidance, advice or designs as part of their service, you could be open to a claim should this information go wrong and incur extra costs to the customer. 
  • Contractors' All Risks Insurance: Cover that will cover the contract value of your project whilst also ensuring any plant and machinery you own or rent for the job. 
  • Legal Expenses Insurance: For anybody who receives legal notification that they are facing action, this will offer defence and help you through the ordeal. 
  • Tools Insurance: This one is there for your vital instruments. Any tools you have will be covered if you lose them, damage them, or some scallywag steals them!
  • Gadget Insurance: In our digital age, you most likely conduct a lot of your business through technology. If anything happens to these devices, then you will be covered. 
  • Tax Enquiry Insurance: Another popular one for self-employed tradespeople. Managing your tax can be a headache, so having help if an enquiry from the tax office shows up will put your mind at ease. 
  • Personal Accident and Income Protection: Does exactly what it says on the tin. Popular cover for anyone who is self-employed. Can't work due to an injury or off for an extended period of time from sickness? Don't fret. Get paid and cover any costs you have with this insurance. 

So, should I get Public Liability Insurance?

For a snip starting at £6.07 a month? We'd say absolutely. With over 20 years of experience in the Trade game, we have unrivalled experience. Moreover, as stated above, our policies are handpicked and designed for that individual trade in mind. Spend your days keeping gardens? We have a policy for that. Fit new kitchens and bathrooms for a living? We have a policy for that. 

Public Liability Insurance is the most common form of Tradesman Insurance that you will find. It isn't a legal requirement. However, it covers all your bases if something goes wrong on site - that's why you should have it. 

Having Public Liability Insurance lets your customers know that you mean business and shows them they can trust you. If something goes wrong on-site, you will have the cover to fix it. Not only that, but it lets other potential clients know that you are professional. Local councils, for example, and trade bodies won't accept you unless you have a certain level of Public Liability Insurance. 

At the crux of it, Public Liability Insurance ensures that if you cause any damage to your client's property, then you will be covered to take care of the costs incurred. It also ensures that if you injure a customer or passer-by, you will be able to pay compensation for the claim. To get an idea of what our policies entail. Take a read of this list:

  • As said, our protection starts at just £6.07 per month! 
  • We can give you cover limits up to £ 10 million if needed. Just ask what level would be best for your business size. 
  • We have a basic excess of £500 on every claim. (unless it's due to the use of heat).
  • No admin fees! 
  • Interest-free monthly payments if you need them!
  • Easy, short online quote engine, or just call our friendly UK team. 

Anything else I need to know?

Getting a quote with us couldn't be easier. It will take you less than 60 seconds! All we ask is that you provide us with minor details like your turnover, how many people you employ, what level of cover you need and your trade. From this, you will have a quote from us. 

After this, you will be gobsmacked at how good our prices are. Once you decide on your level of cover, you will be taken through a seamless transaction journey, having all of your documents and certification delivered instantaneously to your inbox. 

What's that? Need another type of cover added on? No problem at all. We don't charge any daft admin fees for you changing your policy. 

Why Choose Rhino Trade Insurance?

That just about covers it. Now that you know what Tradesman Insurance is, why not grab your next quote online? Like we say, you will be done in just under a minute. 

If you would rather speak to a member of our UK team, just give us a call on 0116 243 7904 to find out more. 

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