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Reasons why Tradesman should go online

Rhino Trade Insurance 29 August 2022

Just because you spend your days using your hands, building walls, laying foundations, fitting kitchens or whatever your trade business takes care of doesn't mean you shouldn't be online!

We recently spoke about how to market yourself as a tradesperson and why you should consider being on social media channels. Today, we want to extend this and talk solely about having a website and why they are essential tools! 

You may have a YouTube channel to showcase your trade work. Statistics show that this is the world's second most used search engine, the first? Google, of course. So this, among all the following reasons, is why you should consider making a website for your tradesman business.  

More Professional

Although much of your work can come through word of mouth or via social channels, if you're running a trade business, you can entice new customers to try your business with a beautiful website that shows off your skills. 

Think of it like a digital shop front. You give all of your details, show what you are capable of and offer information on what the client can expect. It comes across as professional and that you're serious about your trade. Customers sometimes don't know what they need or are looking for, so having a quality, easy-to-read website can sway them one way or the other. First impressions are a big deal! Check out Rhino's website here.

Improve Company Visibility and Exposure

Suppose you've already taken the step and decided on a website for your business. In that case, you can expect it to offer more visibility and exposure to people searching for what you offer. 

A well-thought-out website that considers SEO (search engine optimisation) will help people find you easier when searching for specific terms, i.e. 'local plumber near me'. 

If you follow specific techniques that the likes of Google share in handy guides, you will find that your trade business will be popping up in search engines all over the internet. The better your searchability is, the more customers you may encourage to visit your website, meaning you may have a busier diary than you expected. 

24/7 Presence

You could rely on word of mouth. However, that can be sporadic and out of your control. Whereas having a website works 24/7 for you. At any time of the day, someone can search for your services and get in touch that way. 

Take a breather, go to bed and let your website do the work for you by taking customer information so that you can get back to them the next day. Simple!

All your information in one place

For tradespeople who have social media channels, your message can get lost from channel to channel. You may share your phone number on your Instagram and your email on Facebook. Customers like options, and having a website means that you can have all of your information stored nicely on one webpage. 

You could even get more personal and put up a lovely picture of yourself with your details so they can put a face to the name. 

Speaking of social media, don't forget to follow Rhino Trade Insurance. 

Show all your portfolio work and offer price guides.

One of the most salient points to having social media and a website is showing off your trade skills and completed work. Customers want to see what you are capable of. It helps to increase their trust in what they will get from you. 

If a potential client sees your work van in the street, they may do a quick Google search or check on social media for your profile. If they don't see any profiles or work from you, they most likely will go elsewhere - especially more modern-day clients.

Having a page with projects worked on, an image gallery or videos will help swing customers in your favour. What's more, you should consider a reviews or testimonials page to re-enforce trust in your trade skills.  

Saves you money

We all love a bit of a bargain, and having a website could be seen as a method for free advertising. Instead of spending your hard-earned dosh on newspaper ads, yellow pages or Facebook adverts, having a website will set you back what you pay to set it up. 

After that, you are free to grow it how you please. And like we say, if you utilise the helpful guides Google shares, you could increase website views without spending anything. 

Why Choose Rhino's Tradesman Insurance?

And that's it. We hope this article helps you if you are wondering whether a trade website is right for you. We offer help in various ways, our main one being tradesman insurance. Suppose you need assistance in Public Liability Insurance, Tool cover, Van Insurance or anything else. Our experts are ready to help you. 

Get a quote for your trade business now and find a price that is, on average, 40% cheaper than other insurers. Give us a ring on 0116 243 7904, or get a quote online in less than a minute. 

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